Birth Chart Explained - 2 Minute Astrology Tutorial [Part-6]

Namaste! Welcome to 2 min astrology tutorial. We’ve already discussed about planets and zodiac signs. Now, let’s discuss about birth-chart. Check out the image of birth-chart on blackboard.

Forget the numbers written in birth-chart for a while. The colored square on the top is called Ascendant. Ascendant is also called the first house. It’s the starting point where we begin the counting of houses.  To understand it more clearly, check out the houses in image – this is first house, this is second, this is third, and this one is twelfth house. Irrespective of number written in it, the location of a house is fixed in a birth-chart. In this birth-chart, Venus and Rahu are posited in fifth house. Moon and Mars are posited in sixth house. Saturn, Sun and Mercury are posited in seventh; and Jupiter is in eleventh house along with Ketu.

These numbers indicate the zodiac signs and with the sign we can find out the lord of the house. In this birth-chart, Ascendant has 11th sign i.e. Aquarius. In other words, the native has Aquarius ascendant. You already know that 11th sign is Aquarius, don’t you?

We also know that Aquarius is owned by Saturn. So in our example chart, ascendant or first house is owned by Saturn. Similarly, second house is owned by Jupiter as ‘12’ is written in it and we know that 12th sign i.e. Pisces is owned by Jupiter.

Owners of zodiac signs are fixed. However, owners of houses differ with birth-charts.

I hope this video will prove to be helpful for you. Namaskar.

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