Shodashvarga Explained - Learn Divisional Charts

We already know if we divide zodiac in 12 equal signs, every division is called a zodiac sign. For even finer predictions, even zodiac signs are further divided and are called “Divisions”. A division is called a “Varga” in Sanskrit and a chart based on these divisions is called divisional chart or Varga Chakra. Divisions are named in astrology, e.g. if we divide a zodiac sign in two parts, it is called Hora. Similarly, if a sign is divided in 3 parts, it is called Drekkana; if in 9 parts, it is called Navamsa. So, every division has been given a name. These days, 16 divisions are quite popular and are called ShodashVarga.

Sixteen divisions of ShodashVarga and what they stand for can be seen on black-board.

Division Division Number Signification
Ascendant 1 Body
Hora 2 Wealth
Drekkana 3 Siblings
Chaturthamsa 4 Luck
Saptamsa 7 Progeny
Navamsa 9 Wife & marriage
Dasamsa 10 Profession
Dwadasamsa 12 Parents
Shodasamsa 16 Happiness through vehicles & property
Vimsamsa 20 Spiritual life
Chaturvimsamsa 24 Education
Bhamsa 27 Strength
Trimsamsa 30 Misfortune
Khavedamsa 40 Auspicious results
Akshavedamsa 45 General wellbeing
Shastiamsa 60 General Wellbeing

I will not explore the mathematics behind these divisional charts in this video. You can calculate them using AstroSage or any other software. Divisions are used to calculate the strength of planets. Usually, if a planet gets more higher, friendly and benefic divisions, the more positive results it gives. Initially, divisions might confuse you a lot. So, focus only on Navamsa. If a planet is weak in Navamsa, i.e. it is posited in debilitated or inimical sign, it cannot give benefic results. Even if a planet is exalted in a birth-chart, but debilitated in Navamsa, it cannot good much benefic results.

I hope you enjoyed the video. Namaskar!

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