Numerology Number 3 - Birth Number 3

People born on 3rd, 12th, 21st and 30th of any month, have Birth Date Number 3.

Let us discuss in detail about Birth Date Number 3. The Lord of Birth Date Number 3 is Jupiter, who is the mentor of all planets. People with Birth Date Number 3, you have a very high self respect. There is no way that you would be subdued by someone. You do not like asking favors from anyone. You can never compromise on your freedom and do not entertain intrusion in your life. Qualities like bravery, stability, patience, dedication are infused in you badly. There is no way that a challenge can bring you down. The Ex- Prime Minister of Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto had all these qualities. She had Birth Date Number 3. People of this Birth Date Number are highly spiritual and ambitious at the same time. If you set your mind to achieve a thing then you do it at all costs. A thinker, a visionary; you understand situations well in advance. Tantrik Chandraswami depicts these qualities.

Let us talk about the education of people with Birth Date Number 3. You acquire good education and are very studious. Science and literature interest you the most. Well, it can be said that you are pretty good when it comes to studies. Other than studies, sports like horse riding and shooting also interests you.

In terms of your financial status, you were not that sound during the initial years of your life. However, as you grew, your finances also improved. You have more than one sources of income. However, you face many legal hassles regarding the finances and money.

Your relationship with your siblings is great. You always try to help them in whatever way you can. Still you do not get the same in return and you don’t seem to mind it. You also want to help your relatives and they also do not take you well. You have a lot of friends but people with Birth Date Number 3, 6 and 9 are your close friends. Your are a disciplinarian and this drives people away from you. However, they do understand that this is your nature and respect you for that. Beware, as there are chances that you may face betrayal from close friends.

Talking about your love life, you are not able to maintain stable and long term relationships. However, you are blessed with a happy married life. At times, many of you have Yoga of more than one marriage. The first marriage is a little painful. You indulge yourself a lot in luxuries and never compromise on achieving them. Your interest in religious activities can deplete the harmony at home. You have Yoga of 2 sons and a daughter. Your eldest child will be the reason of worry and tension.

Talking about your profession, you generally opt for professions like army, police, administration, banking and politics. Besides, there are good chances for you to succeed if you choose to be a teacher, writer, designer, sales person or professor. You are competent in whatever you do and therefore will succeed no matter what you choose to be.

Coming to health now, you are full of energy and life. However, ailments related to the nervous system, skin, back, feet and sciatica can trouble you a lot.

Dates with Birth Date Number 3, 6 and 9 are lucky for you. Thursday is your lucky day. Other than this, Fridays and Tuesdays are favorable for you. These days would be more favorable if they are between 20th February to 20th March and 21st November to 20th December. Purple, blue, red, pink are your lucky colors.

We hope that all these details were informative and will help you lead a better and easier life.

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