Significations of Houses : 2 Minute Astrology Tutorial [Part-7]

Significations of houses are very important to analyze birth-charts. Every house tells about something concrete. Knowledge of all the things in this world is in these twelve houses. Everything cannot be covered during these two minutes, yet we can discuss about some important significations.

First house tells about entire chart, birth and nature of the native.
Second house indicates finances, eyes, face, speech etc.
Third house depicts courage, younger siblings, mental balance etc.
Mother, happiness, property and house are signified by fourth house.
Fifth house shows progeny and intellect.
Sixth house tells about diseases, enemy and loan.
Marriage, spouse and partner are depicted by seventh house.
Age, danger and accident are shown by eighth house.
Luck, father, Guru and religion are indicated by ninth house.
Action, profession, position and fame are signified by tenth house.
Eleventh house shows gains and fulfillment of desires.
Expenditure, loss and Moksha are depicted by twelfth house.

Usually, it’s considered negative if any planet is posited in 6, 8, 12 houses. This is a general rule with several exceptions. We’ll look into it later. Generally, a planet posited in 6, 8, 12 houses not only adversely affect its significations, but also hampers the significations of the house it owns.

In this illustration, Mars is the lord of third and tenth, and it is posited in sixth house. Mars signifies siblings. Therefore, it is not good for siblings. Profession is considered with tenth house, so this position of Mars is also adversely affecting native’s profession.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Namaskar!

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