Mystery of Aries Revealed (Aries Horoscope & Aries Ascendant)

Today, I am starting a series on zodiac signs and I'll be sharing some of the secrets that have never been revealed to you. If you are an Aries born or you know anyone who is an Aries born, you cannot afford to miss this video.

Before I start, I must tell you 2 things. First, when I am talking about zodiac signs, I am talking about Sidereal Zodiac and not Tropical one. Sidereal zodiac is followed by Vedic astrologers whereas Tropical zodiac is used primarily by Western astrologers. So, before watching this video, you need to know your Vedic Zodiac sign. If you don’t know that, visit and check out our free tools to find out your zodiac sign.

Second, the results I am telling you are primarily for your Moon sign. Though these results are for Moon Sign, most of these will also be applicable if you are having Aries as your rising sign i.e. Aries as your Ascendant. Let’s begin with that information.

You will find less people with Aries ascendant than Leo, Virgo and Libra; especially in countries of Northern hemisphere like India. Why? Because, Aries is short ascension sign. But that is not the case of Moon sign, so Moon sign distribution is almost equal mathematically and you will find ample people with Aries Moon Sign.

In the last 5000 years, a lot has been written about Aries by Hindu sages. Recent Western astrologers like Alan Leo and Linda Goodman has also extensively dealt with this subject. Let me give you a brief of that -

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and is ruled by Mars. Aries is classified as Fiery and Moveable sign in Astrology.

If you’re an Aries born, you have a medium built with a lean and muscular body. Being ruled by Mars, you have a ruddy complexion. Generally, you are hard working and got an attitude of your own. You are short tempered and cannot take criticism well. Arians are known to be thoughtful and always stick to their words.

You generally don’t like to follow others. You take your decisions yourself and work on them. Your confidence is unparalleled. You are not a person who sits back waiting for an opportunity to come. You just put your endeavor to get what you desire for. However, when it comes on others, you can sacrifice anything; no matter how important it is for you. But, if you go through the state of afflicted ascendant, you become more prone to fights, tiffs and arguments. Additionally, in such situations, you start underestimating others being stubborn on your part. It is always difficult for you to maintain consistency; and if you find something more interesting, you just take it up, no matter the previous one is completed or not. However, nobody can plan and execute better than you. So, if you have a team, you complete your thing by directing others.

You are a risk taker and are lucky in terms of legal matters. The Lord of the 10th house is Saturn for you. Therefore, delay in certain tasks is very obvious. However, you are brave and these setbacks never demotivate you. You are usually interested in Sports, Hunting, Army, Police and professions related to inflammable products. Also, you do well with Petrol, machinery, metal, electricity; or anything that requires physical work.

You are a visionary and may achieve success in the field of administration. You like to travel a lot and also enjoy spicy food.

Having said that, I have a Aries friend who is quite opposite to what I described Aries earlier. Instead of being Fiery and aggressive, he is submissive. Instead of hard working, he is lazy. Why? Always remember that sign alone doesn't describe everything; other planets, especially sign Lord, are also very important. For example, in the case of my friend, Aries’ Lord Mars is situated in Airy sign of Venus, that is, Libra; with feminine Venus and lazy Saturn. So, Aries borrowed a lot of characteristics from Venus and Saturn. Always remember, the placement of Mars in birth chart is very important when we study Aries.

Our Sages highlighted some peculiar characteristics of Aries. For example, they generally are political people and like playing politics. Also, you will find Aries born are miser most of the times and they do not like spending money.

Sage Romak says that Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays are good for Aries. So, do not forget it, while making important decisions. Sage Romak further states that Arians need to stay more alert toward health at the age of 20, 26, 33, 45, 50 and 55, especially if Aries is your Moon sign. So, never forget what sage Romak says.

Aries is a moveable sign, so is Arian’s nature. Acharya Varahamihira says that Aries people get happy quickly and changes in no time. This is important while dealing with them, for example, if they get angry, wait and watch is the best policy. Instead of trying to correct the situation, letting some time pass may not be the bad idea. Remember, Aries change quickly.

Nadi astrology sees Aries Moon sign very differently; and let me tell you, Nadi opinion as well. Nadi astrology tells that mother of the Aries born will sympathize with the people and society. She will also have fear from fire and she herself may be of fiery nature. They say, Moon sign is the foundation of genetics.

Before I close, let me give you a tip to identify an Aries born. You can play this trick with your friends and impress them. Firstly, in Aries people, you will find spherical eyes. You will most certainly find some scar or wound sign on their face. A thin face with walking style like the one coming back from gym is another distinctive feature whereas you can identify Aries easily. Lastly, Arians are rarely found to be long heightened person, so middle to short appearance is another clearly visible feature in most of the Arians. Great Sage Satyacharya in Satya Samhita says that these people generally have bad looking nails and I have also found it to be true most of the times. Satyacharya also states that the person may stutter sometimes while speaking and this is also another feature that identifies Arians.

We all have Arians around us. Our parents, our boss, our children, life partner, anyone can be an Arian. So, now let me tell you the 6 secrets to deal with Arians -

Secret No. 1. You should be a good listener to deal with Arians.

Secret No. 2. Keep the physical energy of Arians engaged.

Secret No. 3. Mercurians handle Arians the best. It is especially useful if your son or daughter is an Aries born. Among the parents, whoever has strong Mercury, or whoever has Gemini or Virgo sign, should handle the Arian.

Secret No. 4. Whenever you find it difficult to deal with Arians, offer them a glass of pomegranate or grape juice. And Bang! he is a changed person now! :)

Secret No. 5. If your husband is an Arian, do not forget to reduce spicy food and add coriander, cilantro, fennel and cardamom in your daily food.

Secret No. 6. If nothing works, try this amazing remedy of Vedic Astrology - get an Anantmool Jadi, which is also known as Hemidesmus and keep it with your Arian. I have tested it for many years and I am sure it will help you bringing the best while controlling the worst.

So, this was all about Aries Moon sign and ascendant. I hope you liked the video and found it useful. Utilize the best of it & change your life. Keep watching AstroSage TV to know about all the zodiac signs. I will come again with more videos in this series. Till then, take care and have a nice time ahead.


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