Third Episode of Astrology Tutorial is now available

Dear friends, we always have something new to share with you through Videos via YouTube. This time your Astrologer Punit Pandey is here to talk about the ‘Benefic and Malefic planets ‘as a part of Learn Astrology.  Here it from one of the best Astrologers of today’s time, who has spent several years of research on the science Astrology.  It’s so easy to Learn Astrology now, because here you have someone teaching you the basics and fundamentals with utmost simplicity.  This video in particular talks about the ‘Benefic and Malefic Planets ‘, that go into making our destiny or rather what we get in life in terms of career, finance, relationship etc. Not every problem that you face in life is a result of your “karma” your planets have a major role to play. What are the benefic planets? Which planets are malefic? How do they influence your horoscope or your destiny? Find answers to all these questions out here.

Go ahead and check the latest upload from titled ‘Benefic and Malefic Planets ’. Spare a second to leave in your comment, feedback, questions. We are waiting to know how you liked this video.  Share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter – and help them find answers to the hidden mysteries of life.

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