Numerology Number 8 Secret of Birth Date Number 8 Revealed

People born on 8th, 17th and 26th of any month have Birth Date Number 8. Now tell me, do you have birth date number 8? Or, do you know anyone who has birth date number 8? If yes, then this video is a must watch for you.

Today, we will discuss about Birth Date Number 8 in detail. Number 8 is ruled by Saturn. Hence, you people are quite introvert types and live in your own world. Away from the name and fame, you people concentrate on your work seriously. Generally, you people are calm, sincere and genuine. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has Birth Date Number 8. Saturn is a slow moving planet; hence, people under number 8 get success at the similar pace. You face a lot of obstacles, but come out of them quickly. Usually, you do a lot for society; but, people don’t give much importance to your efforts. Due to which, you become alone and start loving reclusion, which makes you distant from the society. Whenever you set a goal, you vow to finish it. Obstacles in the way never downcast you. You people are either very successful or just unsuccessful; only a few belongs to the mediocre category. Astrologer B.V Raman, actor Dharmendra, Dada Kondke and Dimple Kapadia are good examples of birth date number 8.

Talking about your career, you acquire good education. However, you struggle a lot to acquire that education. Your education may suffer only if you hopelessly stop fighting with the obstructions. However, you are number 8, who never gets scared of any difficulty. Hence, you acquire a good education.

Financially, you have a sound status. This is mainly because you are good when it comes on saving money. You never spend uselessly, which is also one of the reasons that helps you save and makes you rich.

Talking about your relationships, you generally have neutral relationships with your friends, relatives and family. It is likely that you may have a difference of opinion with your father. You have few friends and they too are not that helpful. If we talk about attachment, you people generally are more compatible with the people having birth date number 3, 4, 5, 7 and 8.

If we talk about your love life and marriage, you do not have long term relationships. Sometimes, you find it difficult to express the love you feel for a person. Women of number 8 are quite clever when it comes to love and relationships. Mostly, number 8 women get married late, like - around the age of 29 to 30. You may face difficulties in your married life; some disagreements may always stay in your relationship. If we talk about progeny, you may have lesser number of children comparatively. Also, you may face a delay in having a baby. However, your child will help you save money.

Coming to your profession, you can be a doctor, chemist, transporter or even contractor. Your hard work helps you get whatever you want in life. You may get success in the professions related to hardware, machinery, insurance and printing press. Due to the influence of Saturn, some people of this number are also laborers.

Health wise, you may suffer from ailments related to liver, spleen, respiratory system, urinary system or stomach. Otherwise, you will enjoy a healthy life. Ailments may sometimes make you feel stressed, which affects your mental health. Try sticking to vegetarian food and you will be able to fight these ailments.

Your lucky dates are 8th, 17th and 26th. Lucky days are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday; and lucky colors are Dark brown, black and blue.

We hope that all these facts about your birth date number will help you simplify your life. All the best for your life ahead.


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