Numerology Number 1 - Birth Number 1

Numerology is the science of numbers. A lot of you are interested to know about Mulank. Those who are born on 1st, 10th, 19th and 28th of any month, have Mulank 1. Is your Mulank 1? Does anyone of your friends have Mulank 1? If the answer is yes then watch the complete video to know more.

The Lord of Mulank 1 is Sun, which signifies life, energy and vitality. Honesty is your strength. You are determined and creative. You are an excellent leader but suffer from stubbornness. We suggest you to learn the difference between self respect and ego. You need to go into introspection and understand that you might mistake ego with self respect. If you do that you can be assured of being the best.

You are ambitious, attractive, efficient, independent, thoughtful, decisive and quick. You believe in working hard and follow certain principles in life. Your words mean a lot to you and you are utterly helpful. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is the perfect of example of this. Without any industry backing and support, she made it to the top.

You do not enjoy working under anyone. You are immensely fearless and have a lot of self respect. Troubles do not scare you. It has also been deduced that at times you seek selfish gains in situations.

Talking about studies, you acquire good education. Many of you might also be interested in research works, which gives you success and respect. People of this Mulank are highly enthusiastic and fairly successful in almost all competitions. Your classmates and teachers also respect you a lot.

In terms of financial status, you are stable. You never face any scarcity of money. Even if you need money you easily get it from friends and relatives. You spend a lot of money on luxuries of life. Stay away from games of betting. Also, beware of fake admirers as they might harm you.

Generally, you are the eldest of all siblings. You love your siblings and are always there whenever they need you. Even if you are not the eldest, you still command the authority. Your advice is very sought after and reliable in the household. Beware of some of your relatives as they may harm you in long run. However, you still think good of them and never want to harm anyone. Most of your friends have Mulank 2, 3 and 9. You can also be friends with people of 1, 6, and 7 Mulank.

Coming to your love life, you look crude on outside but are immensely soft hearted. You have stable relations and always want love in your life. Even if you cannot marry the love of your life, you would still maintain friendly relations with the one. You wish to have a calm, patient, obedient and honest life partner. You are blessed with a baby boy and do wish to extend your family further. You are inexpressive and cannot express your love even to your own child, which might make the child feel unloved.

Talking about your profession, you can go on to hold high administrative posts. You are a born leader and wish to use that trait in your profession. Bill Clinton and Indira Gandhi have Mulank 1 and therefore they could achieve what they did. Also, people of this Mulank are good to serve as diplomats. Other than this, you have the traits of becoming a doctor, surgeon and dentist. Professions related to newspapers, magazines, cinema and printing also suit you well.

Coming to your health, it can be said that you are hale and hearty. Your energy and vitality keeps you positive and healthy. However, you might have problems related to heart, stomach, and eyes. Also, old age will bring along blood pressure, eyesight troubles and other ailments.

1, 2, 3 and 9 Mulank dates are good for you. Sunday and Monday are your lucky days. Yellow, golden and orange are your lucky colors.

We hope that all these numerological facts will help you to pursue your life with a better approach. Make your life easier and enjoy it thoroughly.

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