Exaltation & Debilitation of Planets : 2 Minute Tutorial [Part-8]

Namaste! As we have discussed earlier, good and bad results of a planet depend upon various factors. We have also discussed how significations of planet get negatively affected in 6, 8 and 12 houses. Similarly, position of a planet in a zodiac sign is also very important.

Usually, any planet gives good results in its own sign, in exalted sign and in a friendly sign. On the other hand, it gives unfavourable results in debilitated sign and inimical sign.
Check out exalted and debilitated signs for planets on the blackboard.

Number Planet Exalted Sign Debilitated Sign
1 Sun Aries Libra
2 Moon Taurus Scorpio
3 Mars Capricorn Cancer
4 Mercury Virgo Pisces
5 Jupiter Cancer Capricorn
6 Venus Pisces Virgo
7 Saturn Libra Aries
8 Rahu Sagittarius Gemini
9 Ketu Gemini Sagittarius

There are some interesting points in this table. First, the exalted and the debilitated signs for a planet are seventh from each other, e.g. Sun is exalted in Aries, the first sign of zodiac, and is debilitated in Libra, seventh sign of zodiac. Second, Venus and Mercury have opposite exaltation and debilitation signs. Same is true for Saturn-Sun & Jupiter-Mars. Third, exaltation and debilitation sign for Rahu and Ketu are not that important.

A planet is most powerful in its exalted sign. In its own sign, it has power of second grade. In its friendly sign, it has power of third grade. In neutral sign, it has power of fourth grade. In enemy sign, it has power of fifth grade. In debilitated sign, a planet has the power of sixth grade; i.e. a planet is weakest in it.

While analyzing a birth-chart, you should note down those planets that are in exaltation and in debilitation. The planets posited in exalted signs are able to give their results. If a planet is in debilitated or enemy sign, it becomes weak and cannot give its results. When we say “results”, it means planets’ own significations and the significations of the houses it owns.

I hope you enjoyed this video. Namaste!

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