Friendship & Enmity of Planets: 2 Minute Tutorial

Namaste! In the last episode I talked about importance of exalted and debilitated planets in predictions. Other than that, friendship and enmity of planets is also very important in predictive astrology. Planets like Sun, Moon etc. are neutral, friendly or inimical to other planets. Check out the table on blackboard to know friendship and enimity of each planet.

Planet Friend Enemy Neutral
Sun Moon, Mars, Jupiter Saturn, Venus Mercury
Moon Sun, Mercury None Rest of the planets
Mars Sun, Moon, Jupiter Mercury Rest of the planets
Mercury Sun, Venus Moon Venus, Saturn
Jupiter Sun, Moon, Mars Venus, Mercury Saturn
Venus Saturn, Mercury Rest of the planets Jupiter, Mars
Saturn Mercury, Venus Rest of the planets Jupiter
Rahu, Ketu Venus, Saturn Sun, Moon, Mars Jupiter, Mercury

This table is very important and we should also try to memorize it. If this table seems too long, don’t worry. With the time, you will remember everything on your own. Grossly, we can divide planets in two categories that are friendly to each other:

Category 1: Sun, Moon, Mars, Jupiter
Category 2: Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu

It is an easy way to remember the table. However, it is not correct all the time. It would be better if you memorise the table.

What does being friend or enemy mean? If a planet is in its friend’s sign and with friendly planets, it will give positive results. Similarly, if a planet is in its enemy planet’s sign or posited with enemy planet, its positive effects will be reduced.

I hope you enjoyed watching this video. Hope to see you soon again. Namaste!

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