Planetary Conjunction Demystified [Part-10]

Planets affect each other in various ways. Two such major ways are conjunction and aspects.
Conjunction is called “Yuti” in Sanskrit. “Yuti” comes from root “Yuj” that means – to add or to be together. If two planets are posited in same sign, it is called conjunction of those planets.

In this birth-chart, Moon and Mars are posited in Cancer. Therefore, in astrological language we can say – there is conjunction of Moon and Mars in this birth-chart. As there is conjunction of Moon and Mars is the chart, these two plants will affect results of each other. Mars is a cruel planet by nature and it is considered to be debilitated in Cancer. Sixth house is also considered a negative house. Usually, planets in sixth house are not considered good. Therefore, we can say that Mars is negatively affecting Moon. If you remember from “significations of planets” episode, you may recall that Moon is significator of mother, mind and eyes etc. Due to the negative influence of Mars on Moon i.e. mind, a person with this birth-chart is going to be a bit stubborn. Moon (mind) + Mars (stubbornness) = Obstinate Attitude.

This chart also indicates that his mother will not be healthy. Why? Moon (mother) + Sixth House (Diseases) + Negative effects of Mars = Mother’s poor health.

Native may have weak eyesight. Why? Moon (eyes) + Sixth house (diseases) + negative Mars = problem with eyesight.

So, two important negative factors for conjunctions are - conjunction of malefic planet & conjunction of inimical planet. Similarly if a planet conjoins with a benefic planet or friendly planet, it gets more strength to deliver its good results. 

This is all for this episode. I'll explain aspects in next episode. Namaste.

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