Secret of Rajyoga Revealed : 2 Minute Astrology Tutorial

Today, we are going to talk about Rajayoga. “Raja” means king in Sanskrit. Rajayoga in birth-chart does not mean that one is going to be a king. It means combinations for fame, success and prosperity. Only any particular yoga cannot be termed as “Rajayoga”. There are several Yogas that come in this category. The more Rajayogas in your birth-chart, the more success and prosperity you
will achieve.

A name is given to each rajyoga so that we can memorize that combination easily. For example if Moon and Jupiter are in Kendra to each other, it is called Gajakesari Rajayoga. If Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn are in Kendra in their own sign or exalted sign, it is termed as Pancha Mahapurusha Yoga. 15 rules that I explained earlier are the basis of most of the rajyogas and it is important you master those rules. Now let me also talk about Parashariya Rajayoga. It is also called Kendra-Trikona Rajayoga.

If any Kendra-lord is related to any Trikona-lord, it is called Rajayoga. “Kendra” stands for 4, 7, 10 houses and Trikona means 5, 9 houses. First house is believed to be Kendra and Trikona both. As we discussed earlier, two planets can be related to each-other in three different ways:

1. Conjunction, i.e. to be posited in same house 
2. Aspect, i.e. to influence each-other by aspecting 
3. Exchange or Parivartan, i.e. to be posited in each-other’s signs

For Arians, Sun and Jupiter are owners of Trikona, i.e. fifth and ninth houses. If these planets are associated with the lord of 1st house i.e. Mars or lord of 4th house i.e. Moon or lord of 7th house i.e. Venus or lord of 10th house i.e. Saturn by the means of conjunction, aspect or exchange, it forms Parashari Rajayoga. The more such combinations in a chart, the more Rajayogas there will be.

Also, at times same planet rules Kendra and Trikona both. For Cancer ascendant, Mars forms Parashari Rajayoga because it is lord of Trikona i.e. 5th house and Kendra i.e. 10th house. Those planets that form Parashari Rajayoga are called Yogakaraka. Such planets give success, prosperity and fame during their periods.

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