Chinese Horoscope 2014

Today, I am doing Chinese Astrology and predicting the year 2014. As you know there are 12 signs in Chinese Astrology – Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Monkey, Rooster, Dog and Pig. As per the principles of Chinese Astrology, this is a Horse year. Before starting with predictions, I would like to remind you that you need to know your Chinese zodiac sign first. So, if you don’t know your zodiac sign, go to, move your cursor to the occult section and click on Chinese astrology; you will find Chinese zodiac sign calculator there along with all significant information on Chinese astrology.

Now, as you know your Chinese zodiac sign, let’s start with the predictions.

Our first Chinese zodiac sign is the Rat. Let’s see how Rats will do in 2014.

The year will begin with a bang for you. In 2014, challenges will be sky high, but being in the smart and witty category, you will accept these challenges gladly. Workplace will be the main battleground, new competition and new tasks will make you prove your worth. For those looking for work might find a dream job this year. But, this good time will last only till the first half of 2014, then chances will be slim. In 2014, your confidence will be your greatest strength, never lose that. People born under this sign have a natural talent to analyse complex matters and find the best solution, this quality will take you to the higher places. Health may be something to be worried about, if proper care is not taken. Frequent breaks from work is a must which you workaholics totally give a miss. This can later grow up to become a bigger problem. Always give your body and mind the time it deserves to rest and rejuvenate. You need to maintain a healthy diet, regular exercise, meditation and Yoga. It can do wonders to your body and mind. Relationship with your partner will be good, unless outside forces do not intervene. I would suggest you to spend as much time as possible with each other. Work and other commitments may pull you away from your loved ones, but you should learn to balance both. Finally, money will be a tricky issue to deal with. Flow of money will be steady; but to save and hold it back will be completely dependent on your efforts.

So, this was all for Rats. Let’s now talk about Oxen.

2014 may bring you uncertainties. Though you are hard working and dedicated, yet too much work pressure and competition will tempt you to take wrong measures. I would suggest you to always try to be true to yourself, do not let the wrong overpower you. Some of you may have to look for other jobs to ensure your interest in work stays alive. Unnecessary office politics may irritate you, but you should always maintain your cool and not let things get to your head. Love matters also do not look promising. There might be some trust issues between you and your partner. I would advise you to put that extra effort to keep the relationship going without any hurdle. There is some good news too, for all the single Oxen, 2014 might be your lucky year to find your partner. Further, matters concerning money and finances will also prove to be minimal. The money will be just enough to keep things going smooth, but if you have any lavish idea in mind, I would suggest you to put that thought on hold. 2014 can be hard on your health as well. Areas of concern are stomach and head. You should take care to maintain a proper healthy diet. Practice Yoga and meditation to keep stress and tensions at bay. Overall, 2014 will have its share of ups and downs, but nothing will put you or your spirit down.

Now, we will talk about Tigers. Let’s see what they have got from this year.

2014 has some good news for you, Tigers. This year will prove to be lucky for many. There are some major changes waiting for you at the workplace. These shouldn’t make you nervous instead you should welcome the change and adapt yourself to the environment and turn productive. The year of the Horse will open up a lot of opportunities, make the most of them. Additionally, 2014 will make you financially secure as well. You will gain money from many sources, increment at work, promotions; even chances of victory are seen. Belonging to the wise category, you will not splurge this wealth instead invest it for the future. Moving into a new relationship may make things complicated. Distrust in each other will be the main cause of being unhappy. Secrets will be revealed, which inturn will reveal the true identity of your partner; whether noble or dishonest, only time will tell. Health-wise, there seems to be no problem, but effort has to be taken to stay healthy. Having anything in a large quantity or small quantity for that matter is bad for health. Learn to maintain balance between the two extremes. 2014 might be a good year, give the spiritual side of you a little more attention.

Enough about Tigers, let’s see how the year will be for Rabbits.

The year will be quite hectic. Since you people are witty and energetic, it won't be much trouble to get through this year. But like it is said in the rabbit and tortoise story, being overconfident can land you in trouble; so always have your feet grounded to Earth. Work will consume most of your time; this might keep you distant from your family. So, it is in your hand to strike a right balance between family and work. Friends will prove to be very supportive during times of trouble. Financially, things will run smooth provided you do not make any hasty decision when matters concerning big money are involved. There are chances that you will acquire some ancestral property in 2014. There will be a lot of travelling to do this year, which will be an add-on to the expenditure; but this money spent will prove to be worth it. As far as love life is concerned, we see a patchy road. There will be slight ups and downs, but if enough time is spent with one another, things can be set right. As for all the singles out there, 2014 will again prove to be unlucky; your life partner is somehow missing out in locating you. But do not lose hope, keep up your charm, miracles are always bound to happen, that’s why they are called miracles. Moving onto health, I would suggest you to keep special care of yourself. 2014 will keep you on your toes throughout, but don’t let it affect your health. Eat healthy, stay healthy.

Let’s now see what Dragons have got in stock.

Good but a static year for you. This will make you dull and lifeless who otherwise is active and spontaneous. Work-wise, there will not be any improvement, but work flow will be non-stop. This will keep you occupied, but to make it creative and noticeable is upto you. Further, you might face obstacles at workplace, your co-workers might not cooperate with you and all this will lead to frustration and outbursts. So you, hot-blooded-dragons must try to control your temper and handle things with a calm mind. Financially, care should be taken as 2014 may bring in some losses if matters are not handled well. Dragon people must learn to consolidate what is in hand, rather than trying to bring in new resources. It could turn out to be a failure. However, after the first half of the year, you might gain some money through ancestral property. As far as love life is concerned, things look better than the previous two categories. Although things could turn sour if the dragon people do not maintain their cool with their partners, compromising is the best way to keep the love boat sailing. Single dragons could end up with wrong people if they are too hasty in their decisions. Health-wise, there won't be any problem; you are dragon folks after all. Except for some minor discomfort, we do not see anything that will keep you concerned.

Now, let’s talk about Snakes.

2014 will be filled with excitement for you. Workplace will give you a new boost; new projects will dig out your hidden talents. There will be some competitions too with the new co-workers, but you are the type who enjoys such challenges. You will be sought-after for your brains and hard work, seniors will be more confident in trusting you with bigger matters. We also see a hike in your position in the industry. Financially, you will be in a comfortable state, but all the excitement might tempt you into lavish spending. It is up to you to make the right choices and save up your hard earned money. Now, coming to the roses and sweets part, yes the love life; 2014 will bring in a lot of good news for all charming snakes. Married couples can expect their first child. While the single folks will finally be saying goodbye to their single status. 2014 will be the lucky year, you may meet your life partner. With so much exciting things happening around, you might get careless with your health, which could land you into trouble. Take good care of your eating habits, regular intake of healthy food will keep you fit and active throughout the year

Let’s now see what Horses are receiving from 2014.

Horse folks have an exciting year ahead. As 2014 is horse year, you will be venturing into new things. Surely, it will be followed with success; you should take care to not let the success get to your head. Always have your feet firmly grounded; never forget where you started from. 2014 will bring in new projects, which will provide a perfect platform to expose your multitasking skills. In 2014, you will also get yourself involved in social work, which has been in your cards from quite some time now. This year will prove to be a boon in the area of finance too. The confidence and intelligence will help you in striking good deals, which will earn you a lot of profits. However, you horse folks have never been truly lucky when matters concerning love come into the picture. You should be steady and wise in your choices because strong moves could be interpreted wrongly by the other person. Try giving love the time it deserves and things will start to shape up on its own. Health-wise, although you will feel perfectly fit and in shape, it is advised to take care of your lungs and chest. Problems might look small and negligible; but if not attended, it could blow up to bigger problems.

Now, we will move on to Sheeps.

The year of Horse will prove to be lucky for you folks. This year is coming with lucky charm by your side, you will encounter a lot of new opportunities. Your seniors and colleagues will be supportive and welcoming. In 2014, you will also be duly awarded for your hard work; and promotion also is in the line. Love is in the air for you people in 2014. But, you should always remember not to be too pushy and give it the time it needs; this will strengthen your relationship and the bond will go deeper. For all the singles out there, you will find someone pretty soon, but this might not promise to be a long term relationship. However, there is no harm in trying to make it one. 2014 will prove to be very lucky when money matters are concerned. There will not be any trouble to find sources, but to make proper use of the money will be a tricky business. You will be tempted to impress your new found love and this will put a big hole in your pocket. So always give a thought or two before deciding to buy anything. You will also get your hands on some lost and forgotten ancestral property, which will be a good add on to your assets. Health might grab your attention in 2014, as you will be going through some troubles frequently. Your area of concern will be spine and upper body parts. Regular exercise and warm ups will be a good solution of these problems.

Now, let’s move on to our next zodiac sign, Monkeys.

The year will bring in mixed news for you. You are hard working, but very hasty in making decisions. It would be better if you think twice before taking up anything. Committing to a work and then giving up halfway can put a black mark on your previous achievements. You will have to get control of your biggest weakness; that is, getting easily distracted. Also, you need to control your intentions for going behind things that look too good to be true. If there is anything that can be achieved without any effort or hard work, then probably that something in itself is not worth anything. When matters related to finances are concerned, you should not become greedy and go for big attractive investments. As there will not be any stopping in the inflow of money, you will have to put a belt around you when spending the money comes into picture. I would suggest you not to spend on things that show no promise in the future. Invest wisely and save up for the future. When matters related to love and romance are concerned, it will be smooth and harmonious. Couples will be surprised with a new comer, where singles will have to put in a little extra effort to bring back that lost charm. Health-wise too, care should be taken to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would suggest you not to neglect small matters, as they may grow bigger.

Now, we will talk about Roosters.

This year will bring in mixed fortunes. Rooster folks will have to get adjusted to some radical changes at the work place. You will have to be quick in adapting to the new lifestyle; else you will be left behind in the race. I would suggest you to move in pace with the crowd and not to make the mistake of harking at the past. Finances will be great in the initial months, but later on you will have to dig deep into your pockets to make ends meet. Since you Rooster folks have a generous heart, you spend more than what you earn on others. You will have to keep this particular habit in control; otherwise you may run in debts. If we talk about your love life, it looks dull and broken. Many of you will be either dissatisfied with the present one or craving for the good lost one. There will be some disagreements between married couples and will form distance between the two. Single roosters are unlikely to find their match in 2014 and even if you do, it will not be a true long lasting one. This will be a time when friends will give you the support you need. You may also meet a friend you haven't met in a long time. Health-wise, you look as fit as a fiddle. However, you should take care to not fall prey to stress and tension. Practicing Yoga and meditation could make miracles happen to your mind and body.

Now, we will put some light on how the year will be for people under Dog sign.

2014 will make you sit back and think about how exactly you have been handling your life so far. A job change is predicted for most of you. This change will prove to be very effective as many will find their dream jobs, if you were stuck in the wrong job so far. This new change will bring out hidden talents and finally instead of being shadowed by other, you guys will shine and emerge forward. Financially, 2014 will require your complete attention. If you have been in the habit of not tracking where you spend your money, then now it is the high time you take notice of that. It is because this year, you have far too many commitments to be handling your finances carelessly. Your temptation for spending on your loved ones should be held back this year; since you always end up buying things that are far too much than what you afford to buy. Love is one tricky affair and you folks will surely agree because soon you will be going through the same tricky phase. Single folks will find it difficult to find the right one, while married folks will have difficulty staying with the right one. Your short temper and ego could make you lose the one true love you are lucky to be with. So always think twice before you utter your words. Health-wise there is nothing that will make you worry. Although, you should take care of your eating habits as we see stomach being your weak area this year.

Now, let’s talk about our last zodiac sign, Pig. Let’s see what the people under this sign have got.

2014 will prove to be in your favor, especially for those in the business and trades field. There will be competition at the workplace, but you folks are most likely to emerge on the top. You should not get carried away by all this success and should always remember humility as well as reliability. There seems to be no trouble in love life unless the sudden visit of past love stirs up lost feelings again. Married people will be happy and thankful for the continuing harmony and peace between the two who will soon be having a new member in the family. Although single people will continue to enjoy their status and spend their time happily flirting away to glory. You folks will encounter many opportunities to make money this year out of which many will prove successful. The only action that you should take is to know where to spend this money. You will have the urge to help others, but make sure you are not fooled by their situation and that your money is being used for genuine reasons. Health-wise, we see a lot of indulgence in unhealthy oily and fast food. You folks have a very delicate stomach, so always think twice before you put that fries in your mouth. Stomach ulcers, indigestion and headaches may give you sleepless nights. Remedies like drinking herbal tea and good exercising will help you maintain a healthy lifecycle.

So friends, this was all for your Chinese Horse Year 2014. Utilize the best of these predictions and make your life easier.

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