Chalit Chakra : Learn Bhav Chalit Chart

You must have seen Bhav Chalit chart in a Janma Patrika along with Rasi or Lagna chart. I will discuss today the difference between Rasi chart and Bhav Chalit, and what can be analyzed using Bhav Chalit chart. Rasi chart is the main chart and it tells the signs of planets and ascendant. As clear from the term itself, Bhav Chalit chart shows position of planets in the houses. Usually, position of planets in different houses is also determined using Rasi chart, which is not the right way. To determine the position of a planet in a house, Bhav Chalit should be considered.

Most of the times, position of planets in Bhav Chalit and Rasi chart is same. However, if a planet is occupying different places in these charts, students of astrology get confused. So, keep following points in mind while making predictions:

Use Bhav Chalit chart to determine a planet’s effect for a particular house in a given Dasha. If a planet is posited in first house in Rasi chart, we might say that it would give good results in its Dasha. But, if that planet is in 12th house in Chalit chart, it will give results of 12th house such as hospitalization and loneliness instead of good health. If a planet changes its position in Bhav Chalit chart, it gives the results of that house where it is posited in Bhav Chalit.

In software, Bhav Madhya Bindu or House Middle Point is also given along with Bhav Chalit chart. More closer planet to this point, the more it gives results for that house. If a planet is closer to Bhav Prarambh Bindu or House Starting Point, it also gives the results of previous house. Similarly, if a planet is closer to Bhav Anta Bindu or House Ending Point, it gives results of the next house too. The planets that are closer to Bhav Prarambh or Bhav Anta Bindu, they give the mixed results of two houses.

Other than the position of planets in different houses, everything else such as aspect, conjunction, position in signs and exaltation-debilitation etc are analyzed using Rasi chart.

Yogas should also be analyzed using Rasi chart only.

This is all from today. Namaskar.

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