Numerology Number 9 Secret of Birth Date Number 9 Revealed

You might be knowing something about Birth Date Numbers already. In case you do not know, I’ll explain it to you today - if you are born on 9th, 18th or 27th of any month, your Birth Date Number will be 9.

Let’s discuss about Birth Date Number 9 in detail. Mars is the Lord of this number. Planet Mars represents enthusiasm and energy. Therefore, you people are enthusiastic in nature. Generally, number 9 natives have strong built. Voice is usually heavy and piercing. You can face any difficulty with determination. You are disciplined and principled. Even famous Hindi poet Harivansh Rai Bachchan Ji had Birth Date Number 9. Though you people have a life of struggle, but your unflinching courage makes you a winner. You people may have artistic inclination; for example lyricist Gulzar and actor Guru Dutt belong to Birth Date Number 9. You people are susceptible to flattery; hence you should always stay alert.

From academics’ point of view, you are usually quite sharp. You can understand given subjects quite rapidly. That’s why you perform well in higher education. Sometimes, you may face some difficulties related to education in your childhood; therefore, some of you leave school early. However, most of you seem to be getting good education. In present context, you people are mostly inclined toward education related to computers and mobile technology.

Economically, you are not very stable. You spend a lot, but possess good property. You people get ample from your in-laws. You can also get some money from risky and adventurous tasks. Still, you should be very careful in such endeavors. All in all, you enjoy good financial conditions.

Usually, you people are eldest in siblings. You get comparatively lesser happiness in your childhood. Beneficial for relatives, but you suffer the difference of opinion with siblings.

Birth Date Number 9 gives impermanence to love affairs. Anger, ego and sometimes self-respect causes problems in love life. You desire for a good-looking and submissive partner. However, your inclination toward passionate lifestyle may cause troubled marital life. As far as progeny is concerned, your luck is quite average.

People under Birth Date Number 9 are usually found more into risky professions. You people are usually associated with engineering, medical, fire and electricity related professions. You may also make a career in politics, hospitality, horseracing or even circus.

As far as your health is concerned, you are susceptible to fever, headache, blood and stomach related diseases. Fire and chemicals may injure you.

Good dates for you are 9, 18 and 27; good days are Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays; and favorable colors are Red and Pink.

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