15 Rules for Prediction Explained with Example

I had discussed 15 important rules in my previous episode. These rules tell us whether a planet will give us good results or bad results. To get a conclusive view for a planet, we need to combine outcome of all the rules. To simplify this process of combining, let us go through each rule and assign +1 for good outcome and -1 for bad outcome. Then we can add these numbers together and more positive is the number, more positive results the planet will give.

Let’s take Mars as an example and see what results will Mars give.

Mars is in its debilitated sign Cancer; so let us give -1 for Rule No. 1.

Rule no. 2 is related to strength of a house and not of a planet, so not applicable here.

Mars is with its friendly planet Moon, so let us give +1 point to Rule no. 3

Mars is not uchchabhilashi meaning not marching towards exalted sign here, so this rule is not applicable.

Ascendant lord is Saturn and Mars is not Saturn’s friend. So, let us -1 to Rule no. 5

Mars is not lord of Trikona. So Rule No. 6 is not applicable.

Mars is a cruel planet and, being owner of Kendra, it will leave its malefic nature. As Mars will leave its malefic nature, it will become neutral - neither malefic nor benefic - so 0 points to Rule No. 7.

As Mars is the lord of third house, it will give malefic results. So -1 to Rule No. 8

Upachya house is good placement for any malefic including Mars. So +1 for Rule No. 9.

6th house is generally bad but malefics are exception in upachaya and we have already given +1 earlier. So ignore Rule No. 10.

Rule No. 12 and 13 are only for Moon and Rule No. 14 applies only to Mercury, Rahu and Ketu. So, these rules are not applicable in this case.

Mars is not close to Sun hence not combust. So Rule No. 15 is not applicable.

If we sum all the points up, we get negative value. It shows that overall Mars is going to give malefic results. It means it will harm Mars’ own signification and signification of those houses that it owns. We should analyze rest of the planet in same fashion.

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