Aries Horoscope 2014

Today, I am going to forecast how the year 2014 will be for Arians. These predictions are based on your Moon sign. Before starting with predictions, I would like to talk about some basic characteristics of Arians.

Do you find it difficult to keep a control over your temper? Well, that’s the major problem with all the Arians, including Me. Apart this one thing, Arians are the package of energy. You are brave, intelligent and quick witted. Financially stable and loves to lead to comfortable life. In spite of being a material lover, you are spiritual. Straight forward by nature and strong physically as well as mentally. But, always dissatisfied with what you have achieved. You strive for more and hardly get contented with the results. The only thing that you need to work on is patience. An Arian who has a good command over temper and patience can make anything possible. Now, let’s see what Arians have got from the year 2014.

First of all, we will talk about your personal life. So let’s take up with family.

Arians, there will be mixed results as far as family matters are concerned. In the first half of the year, you may not be able to give proper time to your family. Positioning of Rahu and Saturn in seventh house may create some bitterness in your personal life. In such situations, you should handle the problems with patience and intelligence. It is also possible that you will put efforts in something and someone else will take away the credit. During this time, it's very important for you to be independent, as friends and companions may not give you much time. You may see change in the behavior of a family member. Therefore, being independent is the best solution. Now, let’s move on to your health.

In 2014, Ketu is positioned in your first house, which may give you health troubles till July. In this time, your stomach may stay sensitive. So, you are advised to keep an eye on what you eat. The effect of Rahu and Ketu on ascendant will end in July improving your health. As Saturn is positioned in 7th house, it is very important for you to follow a disciplined routine. I would also suggest you to avoid any irrelevant journey. This was all for your health, let’s now dive in the ocean of love…

Generally, 2014 is good for love and romance. Youngsters will easily find their love. You may fall for someone gentle and rich. If you are looking for someone new just for the sake of fun, then trust me - you will repent. If your relation has grown old then this year will make it even more stronger. I would suggest you keep your family away from your love life. People in inter-caste relationship need to be a little careful. Married ones may face some problems with their life partner; or health of spouse may get affected. It would be great if you don't create any mess over little things. Enough about your personal life, let’s now move on to some practical aspects of life. First one in the series is - Career.

Well Arians, 2014 seems pleasant for your career. Trust in yourself will provide you continuous success. Respect and honor is seen for you. You will get success in job as well as business. Big opportunities will knock your door due to the good time of the Lord of 10th house. You will get success in many big projects. But in the beginning of the year, you may get some fake offers due to the conjunction of the Lord of the 10th house, Saturn and Rahu. Therefore, it would be great if you will take any major decision after investigating everything carefully. Your career will rise. Also, you will get benefit from any planned trip or journey. If we talk about your financial status, this year is holding benefits. You will be able to save easily. Along with that, you may also get unexpected financial benefits. But, if you earn money from speculation or lottery, then you need to avoid making big investments. Take care of your money; otherwise you may spend it unnecessarily or may even lose it. You may also spend in purchasing household commodities like washing machine or refrigerator. But still, the year is good financially. Now, let’s talk about your education.

First half of the year is not so favorable, as you may not get results as to your efforts. At the present time, I would suggest you to concentrate on your important or beloved things. Before enrolling into any course, it would be important to gather information about the concerned institute. The second half of the year will be in your favor. This period is also good for candidates who want to go abroad for studies. So, these were the predictions of the entire year for you, Arians. Now, I would like to suggest you some remedies to pacify the negative effects of any planet; so that you lead a blissful year ahead.

There are 5 remedies in the series for you.

First of all, I would like to suggest you to keep a hanky of red color with you.

Second, it would be better if you will offer sweet bread to the cow; or you can serve your elders, sages and parents, it will be equally beneficial.

Third, follow the ethics described by Vedas.

Fourth, don’t accept anything free of cost.

Fifth, serve widows and seek blessings from them.

So Arians, now you have got remedies too. Everything will be just perfect. Have a nice time ahead!


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