Nature & Signification of Planets : 2 Minute Tutorial [Part-4]

Astrologer Punit Pandey has come up with 4th part of ‘2 Minutes Astrology Tutorial’ series. In the previous part, we learned signification and nature of Sun & Moon. Today, we will discuss signification & nature of remaining planets. ‘Learn Astrology in 2 Minutes Tutorial’ is available FREE, read further to know more.

Significations & Nature Of Planets - Part 2

 We have discussed signification and nature of Sun & Moon in last video. Now, let me tell you about remaining planets.

Mars is of masculine, vice, cruel, aggressive, warrior class, Tamo guni, fire element and Pitta nature. It signifies blood-red color, siblings, battle, weapons, thief, wound, blood, muscles, operation etc. If Mars is malefic, it adversely affects things it signifies; e.g. there may be several incidences of stealing, one might get hurt frequently etc.

Mercury is of impotent, business-class, Rajoguni, having Tridosha i.e. Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and thin nature. Mercury signifies green color, maternal uncle, mathematics, business and speech.

As Mercury signifies mathematics, if Mercury is benefic, the native has sound understanding of Mathematics. On the other hand, one finds it difficult to understand math if one has weak Mercury. In such as case, it’d be better if native chooses arts over science as his academic stream.

By nature, Jupiter is polite, Sattvik, male; it has fat body and Kapha nature. Jupiter signifies yellow color, Vedas, religion, devotion, gold, wisdom, Guru, fat, Kapha, knowledge, progeny, marriage etc.

Words like beauty, femininity, Brahmana and Kapha describe nature of Venus best. It signifies white color, beautiful clothes, luxury, love-affairs, libido, semen, marital bliss, poetry etc.
After going through significations of Venus, it’s no rocket science to understand that Venus must be positive in birth-chart for a happy married life.

Lean and tall stature, cruel, impotent, vice, and Kapha – these things describe the nature of Saturn. It’s significator of black color, paternal uncle, age, servants and renunciation etc. If native has malefic Saturn, one might get troubles from servants. There may also be some tension with paternal uncle etc.

Rahu - Ketu
Vice, outcast, Tamoguna, Vata-Pitta etc. describe nature of both Rahu & Ketu.
Rahu signifies color of dark smoke, paternal grandfather, deceit, speculations, foreign lands, snake, widowhood etc.
Ketu signifies Tantra, Mantra, Moksha, Maternal grandfather, dispute, theft, dog and hunger etc.

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