Saturn Transit 2014

Planet Saturn changes its sign in the time frame of approximately 2 and half years.

In November 2011, Saturn had changed sign from Virgo to Libra. Since then, he had gone back to Virgo during the retrogression period. After that, Saturn again came back to Libra being direct and is still there; and as per our Astrological calculations, will stay here till 2nd of November, 2014.

Due to this; Virgo, Libra and Scorpio will stay under the effect of Sadhe-Sati, which is considered as an inauspicious period of 7 and half years by some people. On the other hand, Cancer and Pisces will stay under the effect of Saturn’s Dhaiyya, which is a period of 2 and half years.

In 2014, you will experience the two transits effects of Saturn. Let’s now see which transit’s effects will affect us the most. I will give you the predictions for each zodiac sign here. Let’s begin with our first zodiac sign, Aries.

Arians, Saturn in this time may fetch you benefits from your spouse. Conjunctions of profits are also forming in daily works. If we talk about your luck, you may face mixed results. However, your health needs special attention. You may get some really good results in family matters, public relations or things related to your mom. So, this was all I had to say for Arians, Let’s now see how Taurus sign will fare.

Taureans, your Saturn, being the lord of the ninth house as well as tenth house, is transiting in sixth house that will make your enemies ineffective. If you had a debt on your head, you will get rid of it in this time. You need to stay very cautious in outside matters, health will also stay fine. After some hindrances in business, job or matters related to dad; you will get success. Your valor will rise. So Taureans, this was all I had for you. Now let’s focus on the fate of Gemini.

This transit of Saturn is making you lucky, Geminis. Success in education, accomplishment of all your hard worked stuff and a good health is forecasted by your stars. If we talk about your married life, things can only be considered going average. Income related matters may have to handle some hindrances. In the matters related to wealth and household too, things look average. But overall, year is fruitful if you can put in more hard work. Now, I would like to talk about Cancer.

In family matters, Saturn’s transit will give you some sourness in the beginning and then it will be full of sweetness. Your enemies will become ineffective. If we talk about responsibilities, you will have to stay really cautious with your income sources such as job or business. Along with that, you will have to take extra care of your father and nation. Not only this, you will have to take many precautions for yourself too. Now, we will talk about our next zodiac sign, Leo.

Lions, this transit of Saturn will keep you tired most of the time, as success can only be expected after some hard work. If we talk about profits, you will get them from brothers, friends and partnerships along with proper support. In the sector of luck, some obstacles are also expected. If we talk about outside matters, you will get mixed results. Now, we will see how lucky are the ones under Virgo sign?

It seems that your speech is going to do miracles in this time. You want to know how? Saturn is transiting into your second house and also it is the lord of fifth as well as sixth house, which is making your speech quite effective. You will get proper support of your children. If you are a student, success is seen in examinations. As roses come with thorns, some minute troubles are also seen. You need to stay quite cautious while driving. In the matters related to income, you will experience some mixed results. Now, let’s concentrate on our next zodiac sign, Libra.

Libras, your Saturn is transiting in Libra sign only being lord of the fourth as well as fifth house. It will increase the good effects. Your new endeavors will be successful. Along with this, you are getting benefits from so many other sides too. Your children will give you positivity. Matters related to mommy, property, home & public are bringing you auspiciousness. Among all this, you may have to face some sourness in married life. However, success is seen again in the matters related to nation, business or job, to name a few. Now, let’s see what Scorpions are getting with this transit.

For you Scorpions, Saturn is transiting into twelfth house being lord of the third house as well as fourth house. Hence, only your valor can fetch you success. If you are planning to do an important work, suggestion of your brother may do wonders for you. Family situation will stay average. You will have to stay alert of your opponents. The seven and half month period of Saturn, which is also known as Sadhe-Sati will begin. It will give you positive results. You will experience mixed results in the matters related to fate and religion. Let’s now move on to our next zodiac sign, Sagittarius now.

Sagittarians, Saturn is transiting in your eleventh house being the lord of the second and third house. Hence, you will get benefits of wealth, family and effective speech. Along with this, you will also manage to save well. You will get support of your brothers. Also, your friends will get you positive results. Students need to be very cautious during this time. You need to concentrate more on studies. Health will also stay fine. It seems that you have got a long life. Let’s now see how this transit will affect people under Capricorn sign.

Saturn’s transit being ascendant as well as the lord of the second house from tenth house will fetch you success in all your endeavors. Your valor will rise. Along with this, you will have proper support of your assets as well as family. You need to stay cautious in the matters related to mother. Stay cautious in property related matters too. With your life-partner, you will experience mixed results. Now, we will talk about Aquarius.

Saturn is transiting in the ninth house i.e. Bhagya Bhava being lord of the twelfth house as well as ascendant. Hence, you have strong chances of success, as your good luck is strong. Along with this, your important works will be done quite easily. Good luck will stand by you. However, you will have to stay cautious in the matters related to brothers. Opponents will become ineffective. Health will stay awesome! Father will give a supportive hand. Along with all this, some abroad journeys are seen. Now, we will talk about the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces.

Saturn is transiting in the eighth house for Pisceans, and is the lord of eleventh as well as twelfth house. Hence, you may have to face some hardships in the income related matters. However, all the needs will be satisfied. Outside matters will get some support. Family may make an add-on to your expenditure list. Honor will increase. It will be beneficial for you to use your conscience at times.

Now, there are certain people who have no idea of their birth details. In that case, they won’t be knowing if Sadhe-Sati i.e. the Saturn’s duration of seven and half years is affecting them. So, the question arises - how to find out if someone is going through these 7 and half years?

In answer of this question, I would like to tell you what astrologers say. It is believed that certain events occur during this period, which indicates that these are the seven and half years of Saturn. Some of the examples are - breaking down of the certain portion of home, most of the family members will stay sick, fire may catch in your home suddenly, you may have to face humiliation again & again, women of the home may stay sick most of the time, as soon as you will come out of one trouble another one would be knocking your door, you may have to face losses at work, family members may start cherishing the non-vegetarian food and liquor more, quarrels may become regular at home, you may have to get called accused of something that you never did, some trouble with eye & ear may crop up or your footwears may start getting disappeared from home. If such events start occuring in your life, it is a clear sign of Saturn’s time of seven and half years. In such situation, you should perform Saturn remedies to stay at bay from the evil effects of planet Saturn. I am telling you certain remedies here. Hope they will be helpful to you. It is upto you if you want to perform one remedy or more, it doesn’t matter. What matters is - you need to perform them with full faith in Lord Saturn.

Remedy 1 is - recite Hanuman Chalisa along with special worship process. It is because Lord Saturn doesn’t give evil effects to the devotees of Lord Hanuman.

Remedy 2 is - offer black or blue colored flowers to the Lord Saturn and your favorite deity.

Remedy 3 is - flow one coconut in the flowing water for at least 7 Saturdays regularly.

Remedy 4 is - offer black clothes to a needy person.

Remedy 5 is - offer a black umbrella to a person who needs it.

Remedy 6 is - wear a ring made up of black horse shoe in the middle finger of your right hand.

Remedy 7 is - every Saturday, take some oil in a bowl and see the reflection of your face into it. After that, donate that oil to someone.

So, this was all I had for you. I hope these predictions as well as remedies will help you carving out beautiful future getting rid of all the expected troubles. Saturn will transit into Scorpio on 2nd November 2014. We will come with our next video on Saturn transit in Scorpio soon. Till then, stay tuned to AstroSage TV for more such interesting stuff. Utilize the best of our FREE services and stay blessed!


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