Jupiter Transit 2014

Today, I am going to predict how Jupiter’s transit will affect you in 2014. Planet Jupiter is also a deity in Vedic astrology like all other 8 planets. Lord Jupiter is transiting into Cancer on 19th of June in 2014. It is believed that Jupiter is one of the most auspicious among all the nine planets. Jupiter is one such planet which doesn’t give harmful results usually; and when it goes into exaltation, the good effects also get increased. This year, Uncle Jupiter is exalted because he is going to the home of Cancerians. He will stay here till 14th of July, 2015. Now, let’s see how this journey will affect each zodiac sign. Listen carefully what your zodiac sign carries in respect of this transit and plan your year ahead. Let’s start with our first zodiac sign, Aries.

Uncle Jupiter seems in good mood. You will enjoy comforts and luxuries of life. If you are planning to spend on something really expensive, like a vehicle or a property; then this time is blessed for you. If your domestic life has became too much adventurous, Uncle Jupiter has come to settle down everything. You will not only come in contact with senior officials, but also your reputation will increase. If you had been putting efforts to find your dream job since long, it looks like the time has come. As so many good things are coming your way, you will not forget to thank your Almighty and may start acting like a saint. If you see any trouble in this time, donating grams in a temple will help you. Let's move on to Taurus now.

Taureans, Uncle Jupiter is exclusively coming to your third house. So, a feeling of new energy is quite natural. As this energy is coming via him, you will do something that would leave everyone awestruck! This transit will make you more socially active and a short journey may bless you with some boons. If we talk about your health, you may get adversely affected if relished junk food more. Some important family matter may take your concentration out there. As far as your married life is concerned, everything seems quite awesome. Your business partners and companions will stand by you in any situation; and you will be blessed by your elders. If you face any tough time during this transit, I would suggest you to worship Goddess Durga; or you can serve sweets and fruits to the little girls. So, this was all I had for Taureans. Let’s now talk about Geminis.

You seems to be saving a lot Geminis. However, you will spend this money on your family. It seems like an auspicious ceremony may be planned at your home. It is a celebration time for you. You may also welcome a new member at home. If you are a teenager, you will stay quite romantic during this time. Adults may get interested in arts or literature stuff. It seems that Mr. Jupiter wants to make you quite popular. This popularity will result in your victory against your opponents. In tough times, buying a yellow dress to a needy one may help you. Now, let’s talk about Cancer.

Cancerians, Mr. Jupiter is coming in your ascendant, making your mind more alert as well as optimistic. You may feel like Sir Albert Einstein this time, but with some special abilities. Your new abilities will make as strong as Hulk for handling unfavorable situations. You will feel always happy like Noddy; and a happy you will become contagious at your home spreading happiness all around. During this merry time, an auspicious event may also be planned at your place. The goody-woody stuff of your horoscope doesn’t end here. Increment in income and a good promotion is also seen for you. This increment could be the result of the special treatment you will give to your seniors. It seems that you are quite inspired with Plato. That is why becoming so damn philosophical! :-o Even after all this, if Uncle Jupiter managed to spare some hard times for you; I would suggest you to serve cows and some needy people, you will feel blessed. :D So, this was all I could gather for Cancerians. Now, I would like to talk about Leo.

Lions, Uncle Jupiter is interested in your 12th house this time, which is not a good sign. Inspite of being the lord of the fifth house, Mr. Jupiter won’t be able to favor you much. This will result in the feeling of insecurity in you. But, a winner cannot have such feelings. So, you need to avoid feeling anything like this with a conscious and alert mind. I would suggest you not to get engaged with anything that won’t reap you much benefits. Try to follow the path that leads you toward better results. Keep a hawk-eye on your opponents and track their plans. You need to act like “James Bond” this time. Obviously, at times you may feel scared, as everybody does. So in that situation, remember one thing - that a good person is always supported by the power, which we know as God. Further, I would suggest you to avoid journeys as much as possible. Stay patient while dealing with any financial, social or personal matter. In tough times, I would suggest you to serve your elders and mentors. This will benefit you. So, this was all I had for Lions. Let’s now talk about Virgo.

It seems that this leisure trip of Uncle Jupiter to Cancerians home is bringing you the magic wand to rule. You may not realize the worth of our Uncle Jupiter’s favor this soon; but once he will divert his concentration toward someone else, you are definitely gonna miss him. However, if your idea bulb illuminated at the right time; then trust me, you will do wonders in your career. Usually, a happy and successful person is always surrounded with countless closed ones. So, same is gonna happen to you. As Uncle Jupiter is so damn concentrated on you, you don’t have to think for the results of any competition. Success seat is already booked. Do you know what is the funniest part? Even the most waggish of you will become philosophical. Not only this, some of you may also join the union of saints. ;) As you guys seem to be doing so much of good stuff, you will also get rewards for this. However, if you still have to face a tough time, you can chuck it with just one simple remedy, that is - watering a Peepal tree. So, this was all I had for Virgo buddies. Let’s now see if Mr. Jupiter is favoring Librans too.

Librans, it seems that the entire focus of uncle Jupiter is over your 10th house. His magic is making you an angel. You will do good things and your good Karma will fetch you big achievements. If you are a businessman, Uncle Jupiter has found out some really good deals for you. Not only this, he is also helping you in expanding your business. If you utilized this time properly; then trust me, you would be saying - Thank you so much Uncle Jupiter, you made my dreams come true! However, if you are working in an organization then celebration time is almost here. Uncle Jupiter has planned some trips for you to the new places with some professional reasons, so it’s gonna be an interesting time. All your family members will stay happy and healthy. If you still face challenging times, I would suggest you to donate almonds at a religious place. Let’s close the fate box of Librans now and talk about Scorpio.

Scorpions, uncle Jupiter wants to move in your 9th house during this transit. Once he did that, you will become amazingly confident and energetic. With success in business or job, your reputation will also increase. At home, you will experience the ecstasy of peace and tranquility. A new member may also join your family. If you are planning to go on a long distance journey, it’s gonna be really fruitful. Uncle Jupiter’s position in 9th house will bring you closer to a person leading a public sector or a saint managing a religious thing. You will feel blessed by the greatest power you believe in. Apart from all this, you may get interested in Yoga and stuff all of a sudden. I would suggest you to avoid non-vegetarian food and alcohol as much as possible. Uncle Jupiter will bless you more. If the hard times don’t leave your way, just flow some rice in the running water and your work is done. So, this was all I could find out for Scorpions. Let’s now see how Sagittarians will fare. :)

Sagittarians, Mr. Jupiter is transiting in your 8th house. It is not a very good sign. You may feel a little restless. I would suggest you ponder over everything with a conscious mind. If we talk about your health, it seems quite sensitive. Are you getting stressed out listening all this scary stuff? You need not because I will tell you a secret. Actually, Mr. Jupiter is the owner of your sign. So, no matter how malefic things may go, he will somehow manage to provide you good results. I don’t know whether it is good for you or not, but you will become quite interested in occult sciences. Unexpected financial profit is seen for you. However, you need to avoid making any investment during this time. It is always good to be independent. So, take a resolution that you won’t expect anything from anyone during this time at least. For the expected tough times, I have got a remedy for you - donate Ghee, potato and camphor at a religious place. Further, we will peep into the fate box of Capricorn.

Capricorns, Uncle Jupiter has found his place in your seventh house. He has decided to become your Santa this time. All your desires will be fulfilled. However, he has made things a bit tricky. You will have to find out the right moment and opportunity to pick up your gift. If you are in a job, everything will turn out to be in your favor. Atmosphere at home will become so damn ecstatic that you won’t like to go out of this heaven. All your life’s trouble will evaporate into smoke. Big brains will become your friends. Everything looks so damn smooth. If you are ready to get married, the time is all in your favor. Those who are already married gonna love their conjugal life. With honor as well as respect in society, also you are gonna gain popularity. If you see any tough time, I would suggest you to worship Lord Shiva. Now, let’s see how Aquarians will fare with this change of Uncle Jupiter.

It seems that Uncle Jupiter wants to wander in your 6th house. He wants to see you working harder. So, I would suggest you to make him happy by working harder and cherish the comforts of his boons. If you are into a job, you will have to work harder anyhow. I would suggest you to stay at bay from any dispute and keep your hawk-eyes over the evil plans of your opponents. If you are having a lawsuit then trust me - Mr. Jupiter has his blessed hand over your head. With everything I would suggest you not to take anybody’s help. You need to become as sly as a fox this time to see those scars behind the beautiful smiles of your so-called loved ones. Yes, you may get cheated. Want a shield for the tough times? I would suggest shop some clothes and sandalwood for a priest. So, this was enough I had for Aquarians. Now, let’s come to our last zodiac sign, Pisces.

Uncle Jupiter never forgets any of his children, even if they are the last ones like you. :P Just kidding! So for you, he is coming into your 5th house bringing some promising deals. Surprisingly, he has planned an auspicious ceremony at your home. He is himself quite fond of them. You will feel more intelligent than ever. All the decisions you will take will be right. If you are a businessman, profitable time is seen. However, I would advise you to ignore not-so-useful deals. If you are working in an organization buddy, promotion along with a beautiful change has come. Friends and well-wishers will come closer to you. You will feel quite contented. As we can see your social circle will increase, you will also become interested in spirituality. Still if you see any tough time coming, serve your elders or priests.

Finally, here ends your 2014 horoscope for the transit of Jupiter in Cancer sign. I hope this video will help you bringing some beautiful changes in life. We put our endeavor to offer you the best Astrology services for FREE. Please log on to www.AstroSage.com to reach our Free collection of Astrology. I will come again with some more interesting stuff. Till then, stay tuned to AstroSage TV and stay in synchrony with the movement of stars.


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