Rahu Transit 2014

Hello everyone, I am your Astrologer Surbhi and you are watching me at AstroSage TV. Today, I will tell you how Rahu’s transit is going to affect you in 2014. This transit will begin from 12th of July, 2014 and will run till the next 18 months. Rahu is a shadowy planet and represents the air element of a human body. Planet Rahu is also known as the significator of powers and sorcerer studies. Those who have a weak or afflicted Rahu, may suffer sudden losses or may face many troubles. Rahu influences the sectors which are unpredictable like, gambling, speculation, lottery, internet or allied businesses. Among the nine planets, Rahu is the one which has the power to make someone see riches or fall into the pit of poverty. Today, I will give you an account of how this transit of Rahu into Virgo will affect you. 

Let’s begin with our first zodiac sign, Aries. 

Arians, it seems that this time is all yours. This magnificent transit will ensure you success in all your endeavors. Your business or job will see a clear improvement. Financial status will also improve. With this transit, some profitable deals are also coming your way. You will be appreciated for your hard work. Competitors will accept their defeat. And at home, peace and harmony will prevail. If we talk about traveling, long journeys will benefit you. As a remedy, I would suggest you to offer red lentils to cleaning staff. So, this was all we had for Arians; let’s now see how this transit will affect the year of Taureans.

Rahu’s transit in Virgo may affect your decision making ability. Therefore, you need to think twice before making any decision. Effect of this transit may tempt you to take a few deals, but you should always make a decision with much consideration. I would suggest you to stay cautious while taking decision concerning financial matters. Apart from this, time is not in your favor in terms of lawsuits. Some stomach related problems may trouble you at times. So, keep a watch over your eating habits. As a remedy, I would advise you to wear silver ring. That’s all we had for Taureans, not let’s see what Gemini has got in stock. 

It seems that time wants to play some tricks with you. Some challenging situations may crop up at home. Your spirits may get a hit as your efforts may not result as per expectations. But, you need to stay consistent; as they say - “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I would suggest you to keep your friends and family close and work with them to achieve great heights. As you are more prone of being conned by someone, you need to stay cautious of falling prey to wrong ideas to earn money. As a remedy, I would suggest you to worship Goddess Saraswati. This was all we had for Gemini. Now, let’s focus on our next zodiac sign - Cancer. 

Cancerians, good times have come. Your status will increase in the social circuit and so will your popularity. Apart from this, you will get positive news from communication and your performance will be great in every aspect. Rahu transit in Virgo also indicates rise in business earnings. Promotion is also in the cards. Leisure trips are also likely to happen. Overall, this transit seems quite amazing for you. As a remedy, I would suggest you to wear an 8 Mukhi or 8 faced Rudraksha. So, this was all we had for Cancerians. Let’s now peep into the future of Leo.

Lions, it’s an examination time for you. You may have to face some challenges in your domestic life. Fellow competitors will create hurdles in your path. Financial matters may require extra attention from you, as some tough times are seen ahead. Health-wise, you should watch what you eat. Always give time to think over the issues before making any hasty decision. As a remedy, I would suggest you to keep a silver ball all times. So Lions, that’s all we found in your fate box. Let’s now shift our focus to Virgo.

Rahu’s transit is taking place in your 1st house. You may take some wrong decisions; due to which, an unknown fear may start ruling your psyche. Hence, you need to be more organized with your lifestyle and everything else. Rahu’ transit in Virgo may make your relations with women complicated. Try to maintain a good relationship with your partner. Also, avoid finding for shortcuts in matters related to money. If we talk about your health, you need to be really cautious. You are sensitive. As a remedy, I would advise you to flow coconuts in the running water. I am done with all of the Virgo stuff. Now, let’s see how Libra will do with Rahu transit.

A big expenditure is waiting for you, Libras. You may have to adjust some unscheduled journeys. Rahu’s transit in Virgo also foresees unsettling environment at home. There may be some heated situations due to a third person. Hence, you need to be self dependent and should maintain reputation during this transit. As a remedy, I would suggest you to flow wood or coal equal to your weight in a river or any other water body. I am over with Libras. Let’s now talk about Scorpio.

Rahu’s transit in Virgo will bring positivity in your life. You will involve yourself in many new activities which in turn will get you influential people in life. Friends and family will be of big support. A long distance trip is also awaiting you. If we talk about support and favors, this transit seems to be giving you a strong backup of family and friends. If we talk about your health, there won’t be any issue during this time. However, minor issues related to ear may cause some troubles. As a remedy, I would suggest you to donate barley at worship place. With this, I would like to switch onto our next zodiac sign - Sagittarius.

Rahu transit in Virgo will increase your confidence, Sagittarians. Your problem solving skills will increase and win you the support of your seniors. Your job situations will improve or business will flourish. Ruhu transit in Virgo further predicts that unemployed ones will get a good news. And those who are already working, promotion is in the line. Your relationship with powerful people will strengthen. Due to this transit, you will win victoriously over your opponents. There are chances of winning a big profit through a journey. Health-wise also, things seem to be in your favor. As a remedy, I would suggest you to offer food to visually impaired people. Now, let’s shift our focus to the next zodiac sign - Capricorn. 

The Rahu’s transit seems to be giving you some challenges this time. Even though Rahu is in your Bhagya Sthana or destiny house, which is your ninth house exactly; it doesn’t seems to be favoring you very much. It doesn’t mean that this conjunction is entirely negative, you will get mixed results. This transit will give you the opportunity to prove your talent at work, which will help you in improving self-confidence. However, you should also take care of your relationship with family and friends, not letting the fame getting over your head. Do not let ego take over you. As a remedy, I would advise you to apply Saffron Tilak mark on forehead. With this, let’s close the fate box of Capricorn and take the new one for Aquarius.

Aquarians, Rahu’s position in Virgo tells that it is posited in your eighth house. During this time, your efforts may fail to achieve success, as this situation of Rahu is considered unfavorable. You will meet with success only after hard work and perseverance. It would be better if you can strengthen your public relations. This will be a tough time to handle, especially for those working in a job. Tension and stress may cause rifts between couples. Rahu Transit in Virgo may increase your interest in Occult sciences. Further, there are chances that you may experience some Extra Sensory Perceptions. As a remedy, I would recommend you to keep a square piece of silver. Now, let’s move to our last zodiac sign, Pisces. 

Pisceans, this is a time to be more cautious in whatever you do. Further, try keeping a friendly relation with your partner and avoid any unhealthy conversation. You need to become more careful about lawsuits and legal matters. Self-dependence is appreciated during this time. Maintain a good relationship with family and friends. Health may be a matter of worry at times, so take care of your eating habits. Avoid outside food as much as possible. If you talk baout traveling, long journeys should be avoided as much as possible. As a remedy, I would suggest you to flow 6 natural coconuts in the running river.

So, this was all I had for 12 zodiac signs and Rahu transit’s effects. Utilize the best of these predictions and stay blessed. Stay tuned to AstroSage TV for more such interesting stuff. Hope you found it useful as well. Have a great time ahead!


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