Numerology Number 2 - Birth Number 2

Many of you must be knowing about Birth Date Number. People born on 2nd, 11th, 20th and 29th of any month of the year have Birth Date Number 2. If you have Birth Date Number 2 or any of your friends have Birth Date Number 2 then you must watch this Video.

Let’s discuss about it in detail. The Lord of Birth Date Number 2 is Moon, which is a swift planet. People of Birth Date Number 2 are imaginative, emotional, compassionate and simple. You are not the one to drag things and at the same time you can’t think too much. People with Birth Date Number 2 are highly spiritual and are born artistes. To name a few, we have a list of biggies like Amitabh Bachchan, Alka Yagnik and Asha Parekh. These people are intellectual and are mentally strong. Therefore, they are an inspiration to the society like Osho and Acharya Sri Ram Sharma. You come up with fresh ideas and work hard on them.

Normally, people with Birth Date Number 2 are not that strong physically. Also, they lack self confidence and therefore are very indecisive. Your perspective of beauty is very sophisticated and refined. You fare well in the field of love and romance. Also, you possess the quality to attract others and befriend total strangers. In spite of suspicious nature, you always take care of others’ interest. You people never say anything directly. An amazing quality that you possess is of reading other’s mind.

Talking about the education, you people are generally highly qualified. However, fear, doubt and volatile behavior obstructs their studies. That might lead to dissatisfaction as it doesn’t let them finish their studies at times.

They have a habit of accumulating money and therefore they have a good financial status. They plan well and therefore earn a lot of money.

Coming to the relations of Birth Date Number 2 people. They are not the eldest in the siblings and very cordial with them. Even if they have a difference with their siblings they quickly resolve them. You love your friends but have a very inconsistent relation with them. Your friends at times distance themselves as you become too intrusive. People of 1, 2, 4 and 7 Birth Date Numbers can be your good friends.

Now, coming to marriage and your love life. Well, your love life does not look that bright. You are unstable when it comes to relationships. You suffer a lot in love and sometimes that period may go on lifetime. The good news is that, you will have a happy family life. Chances are high that you will be blessed with baby girl more often than a baby boy. You and your children will share a bond of unconditional love.

Talking about your profession, it is difficult for you to work independently. However, working for someone will be good as you are good in following plans as you yourself are a really good planner. However, you will find it very difficult to implement your ideas. You have a good business sense. Agriculture, dairy business, water related business, medicines, law, education sector, banking as well as health sector is good for you as a profession.

Let us finally come to your health. You are normally low on energy and vitality and therefore always think that you are not healthy. You have problems related to stomach, blood, chest, lungs. You also have a mental stress.

Your lucky dates have Birth Date Number 1,2,4 and 7. Sunday, Monday, Thursday and Friday are your lucky days. Green is your lucky color.

We hope that people with Birth Date Number 2 are happy to find out such interesting facts about them. Be friends with these numbers and make your life easier.

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