15 Rules of Predictions [Part-13]

Rule 1: Planets situated in exalted sign, own sign and friendly sign give good results. On the other hand, debilitated planet, a planet in inimical sign will give malefic results.

Rule 2: Planets aspecting its own house gives good results related to the aspected house.

Rule 3: Planet with its friendly planets and benefic planets generally gives good results. Similarly planets having friendly or benefic planets in previous and next sign give good results.

Rule 4: Planet that is reaching towards it exalted sign gives good results.

Rule 5: Planet friendly to ascendant lord gives good results.

Rule 6: Planets owning trikona i.e. 5th and 9th house give good results.

Rule 7: Owner of Kendra, if malefic, will leave their malefic nature. Similarly, if planet owning kendra is benefic, it will leave benefic nature. So generally malefics owning Kendra is desirable.

Rule 8: Owner of 3rd, 6th and 11th houses generally give bad results.

Rule 9: Planets in upachya or improving houses 3,6,10,11 improves their own signification. These are the best places for natural malefics.

Rule 10: Planets in 6,8,12 houses generally give malefic results.

Rule 11: Benefics in kendra (1,4,7,10) houses are very good, whereas malefics there are very bad.

Rule 12: Moon near to Full-Moon-day or Poornima is good, whereas Moon near to No-moon-day or amavasya is bad.

Rule 13: Planets close to Moon i.e. with Moon, in previous sign of Moon and in next sign of Moon, improves Moon. More planets close to Moon, more powerful will be the Moon.

Rule 14: Mercury, Rahu and Ketu give results of the planets with which those are situated.

Rule 15: Planet close to Sun become combust and give bad results.

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