Libra Horoscope 2014

Today, I am going to forecast how the year 2014 will be for Libras. These predictions are based on your Moon sign. Before starting with predictions, I would like to talk about some basic characteristics of Libras.

You have an attractive personality. You treat people with justice, balance and equality. Having deep insight, you are a realist as well as an idealist at the same time. You have a moral character. You are clever and respect other’s feelings. You can’t tolerate if something is being done against the interests of others. So, this was a brief on your characteristics. Let’s now focus on 2014 predictions.

First of all, we will talk about your family.

This year has mixed results for family matters. There are possibilities of increment in the number of family members. In the first phase of the year, transit of Jupiter is in your 9th house; therefore, luck is with you and you will succeed in handling family members with justice. You may go on a pilgrimage with your family or trip of any family member will prove to be successful. But in between, some dissatisfaction in the family is possible or some conflict may rise due to failure in the fulfillment of desires of the family members.

Now, we will talk about your health Libras. The year will be of mixed results for your health. In the first part of the year, Saturn and Rahu both are posited in your 1st house; therefore, it is not good to take your health carelessly during this period. From July, the influence of Rahu in 1st house will reduce and you will feel better. In 2014, it’s good to practice meditation and Yoga to maintain concentration level of your mind as it will increase energy inside you and will keep your health stable. Let’s now see how your love life will be.

The year is favorable for love and romance. If you are marriageable, then possibility of engagement or marriage is there in the first part of the year. If you are unaware of the feeling of love, then this year you may fall in love with someone. Married couples should take their married life seriously otherwise conflicts are possible. Don’t create mess over small issues. However, things will remain good if you act smartly and also you may go somewhere with your life partner. Now, we will discuss about your career.

The year has mixed results for career. You will get success in many matters due to favor of Jupiter. You will complete your tasks with energy and confidence. Long business trips will prove successful. You will meet someone experienced which will add new experience to your business. You will get success and honor. Some disturbances in your daily activities due to the opposition of Rahu and Saturn are foreseen. Therefore, you should avoid taking any risk and also it is important to check all the important documents carefully before signing. Further, we will move on to your financial status in 2014.

Some problems related to disturbance in getting regular income is there, but there are possibilities of unexpected financial gain too in the first half of the year. This time is not good for taking risks. Be a realist; do not depend on your memory of past events. In the second half of the year, there is a possibility of improvement on work front and therefore, your financial condition will also improve. You may get back your blocked money back. If there is a possibility of attaining will, then you may get it in this time. Now, we will see how the year is for students.

The year is very much favorable for your education. Though some problems are possible, yet if you plan to deal with them seriously then success is assured. This time is good for you if you are interested in metaphysics. In case you are planning to take admission in any new course, then you have to be very careful. This time is also good for the students pursuing traditional courses. This year is also good for those who are interested in going abroad for admission. Now, I would like to suggest you some remedies to pacify the negative effects of any planet; so that you lead a blissful year ahead.

Firstly, I would suggest you to use cow water.

Second, offer food to cow everyday.

Third, go for an arranged marriage.

Fourth, donate pan, tongs, rolling board and rolling pin at a religious place.

And fifth, have utmost faith in God.

So Libras, this was all about your year. Utilize the best of these predictions to make your life more blissful.

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