Gemini Horoscope 2014

 Today, I am going to forecast how the year 2014 will be for Gemini. These predictions are based on your Moon sign. Before starting with predictions, I would like to talk about some basic characteristics of Geminis.

People under Gemini sign are highly intellectual. You have the ability to deal with difficult situations. You are quite flexible by nature. You are hard working and don't get scared of any difficulty. You like to be independent always. You are a good advisor and planner. Your jolly nature attracts people toward you. Now, let’s move on to your predictions for the year 2014.

First of all, let’s talk about your family life.

This year is favorable for family matters. You will get happiness. There is a possibility for an auspicious event at your home. Family environment will remain satisfactory. But, you should escape yourself from taking any wrong decision after July. You should take advice from elders and experienced people before taking any major decision; otherwise you may feel stressed throughout the year. The environment of your family will remain good all this time. Now, let’s see how your health will be in 2014?

This year has mixed results for health matters. Though signs of any serious illness are not seen; therefore, you need not to worry. But, you may face some basic health problems due to seasonal changes. You should take care of your diet or you may face disorder related to abdomen. Don't keep any stress within yourself after July; otherwise you will feel restless. Your serious concern for health will keep you safe from illness. Now, we will talk about your love life.

This year is good for love and romance. People of marriageable age may get engaged. Also, there are possibilities for their marriage. Married couples will get love and happiness from their progeny. Also, there are chances for new love or your love may go stronger; though some small verbal conflicts are also possible. If you could keep a control over any difficult situation, then this year is good for love and romance. Now, let’s focus on your career.

2014 is good for your career. You will achieve success in your work due to your good deeds. You will get benefits from a government personnel. Improvement in job or business is also seen. There would be some business trips too. You may get success over your business opponents. Your contact with influential people will increase. But, you may neglect advice of experienced people in any work and may get tensed after taking any wrong decision. In this time, you may confront some odd situations, but will get success over them and will remain energetic in daily activities. Now, we will talk about your finances.

This year is very good for financial matters. You may get sudden monetary gains. You may also get money from any lottery or insurance. Due to the support of any government official, you will gain financial profit. You will find success in accumulating money. You may also get a beneficial deal. Possibility of getting any stable property is also there. It means, if you will work harder, then financial benefit is assured. Now comes your education part.

Your mind will remain active. As a result, you will be interested in matters related to learning. If you are trying to enroll into banking, management or systemization courses, or are already associated with these courses; then you will get success in them. 2014 is very fruitful if you are associated with philosophy or meta-physics. If you are looking to participate in any competitive examination or competition, then also the time is favorable. In spite of all this, you have to protect yourself from falling into bad company; otherwise your studies may get affected. Now, I would like to suggest you some remedies to pacify the negative effects of any planet; so that you lead a blissful year ahead.

First of all, you need to totally avoid food that has been kept since long. Start having fresh food.

Second, use Alum rock powder to clean your teeth.

Third, donate free medicine to any Asthma patient.

Fourth, serve your mother and seek blessings from girls of less than 12 years.

Fifth, avoid wearing leather stuff.

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