Leo Horoscope 2014

Today, I am going to forecast how the year 2014 will be for Leo. These predictions are based on your Moon sign. Before starting with predictions, I would like to talk about some basic characteristics of Lions.

Influential by nature. You are enthusiastic, fearless, brave and ambitious. You perform your work with passion; have independent thoughts. It’s your nature to work according to the principles and disciplines. You are perseverant by nature. Also, you have immense capability of leadership. Philosophical and you love literature & arts. You respect generous people. Now, let’s see what Lions are going to receive from 2014.

Let’s start with your family. First half of the year is good. There will be harmony and happiness in the family. Possibility of an auspicious activity is also there. Happiness will approach the lives of your brother and sister. But, in the second half of the year, you will feel lack of happiness in the family. Misunderstanding between some family members or tension for the progeny is also possible. You may get worried for your parents too. Now, we will put some light on how your health will be this year.

2014 is favorable for health matters. There won’t be any health issue other than the normal seasonal infections. My advice for you is to keep a check on your daily routine in the second half of the year. Don’t stress yourself over any minor problem; otherwise you will feel restless. Handling unfavorable situations with intelligence is good for your health. Now, let’s talk about your love life.

This year will remain favorable for love and romance. If you are marriageable then there are possibilities for engagement. If married, then you may go on a holiday trip with your life partner. The first half of the year is good for singles. You may get attached to someone from a distant country. However, during the second part of the year, misunderstandings may come in between the relations of some people due to lack of trust. Therefore, protect your love life from lacking trust. Further on, we will move to your career.

You may do something important in your job or business during the first part of the year. You may also get opportunity of associating with new business. There will be improvement in your job. Also, the beginning of new changes or new work is seen. Your business relations will increase with people of distant countries or places. You may also start some new work. But, in the second half of the year, you have to act smartly. Therefore, stay away from disputes or you may become the victim of wrath of your boss or senior officials. You should try to do your work according to the required way. Now, we will focus on your financial part.

Beginning of the year will increase your sources of income. There will be continuity in your income; and due to this, you will succeed in saving money. If you are living under any debt, then you may get relief from it this year. But, you may want to spend your saved money on some new tasks in the second part of the year. You may also spend money on any trip. Defects in computer or mobile can also become the reason behind expenditure. However, there are possibilities of monetary gain through a foreign trip. Further, we will move on to the Lion students’ predictions.

2014 is favorable for students. This year is in favor of those who want to go abroad for studies. Your self confidence will increase. This time is also good for any competitive examination. You will get success. If you are interested in any competitive exam, then success is assured. This phase is also good for the students of philosophy and conventional subjects. But, you should increase your efforts in the second part of the year. During this time, education related decisions should be taken very carefully. Now, I would like to suggest you some remedies to pacify the negative effects of any planet; so that you lead a blissful year ahead.

Firstly, I would suggest you to eat something sweet before initiating anything auspicious.

Second, offer food to blinds.

Third, try to be truthful always and avoid any activity that may harm anyone intentionally or unintentionally.

Fourth, donate coconut and nuts at a religious place.

And Fifth, serve your brother-in-law, son-in-law and nephew.

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