An Important Principle for Prediction: Principles of Resemblance

Last time, I talked about principle of signification. Today, I will talk about another important principle– the principle of resemblance or Sadrish Siddant. According to this principle, if signification of a planet and a house resembles for some aspect of life, that signification manifests itself more promisingly. This resemblance or similarity can be of two types – 1st, by being lord of the house and 2nd, by being posited in the house.

E.g., Sun is significator of father. 9th house is also significator of father. If Sun becomes lord of 9th house in a birth-chart, it will represent ‘father’ in a stronger manner. If this Sun is weak, we can predict even in a quick glance that the person will not get father’s love. Suppose, if the Sun, being lord of 9th, gets posited in 6, 8 or 12 house, and is under malefic influence of Saturn, Mars or Rahu, or is debilitated; it will prove to be a double whammy for father’s significations. In such a case, we can say with full conviction that the person will not get father’s love.

We discussed the effect of principle of resemblance through house-lord. But, it will be equally applicable if Sun is posited in 9th house and is weak. Let’s assume that Sun is in 9th and is weak, it will prove to be very negative for father. In such a scenario, you can predict without any confusion.

Therefore, make it a point to check the resemblance of signification of house and the signification of house-lord. Similarly, we should note down the common significations of a planet and the house a planet is posited in. If you keep principle of resemblance in your mind, you can never predict wrongly. Namaste!

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