How To Predict Using Birth-chart -- Principle of Signification

We have already understood most of the important astrological principles. Now, let’s find out how to use these principles in making predictions. In this episode, we are going to discuss about principle of signification or Karaka Siddhant.

When you analyze a birth-chart for something specific, you need to focus on three important points – 1. House, 2. Lord of house and 3. Fixed significator or Sthir Karaka. Different things can be predicted using combinations of these three. If you remember episode related to significations, you know that Sun signifies health, father and king etc. If Sun is weak in a birth-chart, it does not mean that all of Sun’s significations will be negatively affected. Affected significations will depend on house and the house lord. As we have discussed in one of the previous episodes that health is analyzed using first house, father using ninth etc. Therefore, if the ninth house and its lord are also weak along with Sun, then only there will be some negative effects on father. If ninth house and its lord are strong enough in the birth-chart, only a weak Sun may not cause problems to father. Did you get the point? That’s why I said in the beginning that three things are pivotal for art of predictions – house, house lord and fixed significator.

To give you a quick start, I am giving planet - house combination for some of the important aspects of life on the blackboard, please note it down.

Planet house combination Aspects In Life
Sun and 1st house heath, body
Sun / Moon and 2nd house eyes
Jupiter and 2nd house or 11th house wealth
Mercury and 2nd house speech
Mars and 3rd house siblings
Moon and 4th house mother
Mars and 4th house property
Venus and 4th house vehicle
Venus and 5th house movies / cinema / art etc
Jupiter and 5th house children
Mercury and 5th house intellect
Saturn and 6th house disease and enemy
Venus and 7th house spouse / marriage etc
Saturn and 8th house age
Sun and 9th house father
Jupiter and 9th house Guru and religion
Mercury and 10th house fame and profession
Jupiter and 11th house wealth and profit
Rahu and 12th house foreign travel

Suppose that you want to make some predictions about the mother; analyze 4th house and Moon for it. If you want to predict about property, analyze 4th house and Mars in the birth-chart. This table gives planet-house combination for some of the important events in everyday life. If you have proper understanding of planets’ and houses’ significations, you can add things in this chart on your own.

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