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Once Buddha said “No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path.” And that’s very true.

I may tell you what might happen in future, but it is never fixed. Your future is more like a blue-print, that can be modified by putting some efforts.

May Krishna give us the strength!

Friends, I am your astrologer Surbhi and you are watching me at AstroSage TV. This is your yearly horoscope for the year 2015 and I am going to unfold the mysteries of future. As I follow Vedic Astrology, these predictions are based on your Moon sign.

If you don’t know your Moon sign, visit the calculator section of AstroSage.com and find Moon Sign Calculator there.

There are 12 signs in the zodiac, zillions of hopeful eyes; one simple remedy can change your life.

Let’s begin knowing predictions with the first sign of the zodiac, Aries.

Arians, Jupiter has vowed to be with you all the time. You are getting his blessings.

Destiny lord is in fourth and fifth house, which will help you cherish a wonderful familial life in the first half by the grace of Krishna.

If you are planning to fly abroad, this time is perfect!

And if you want to buy a new house or car, start putting more efforts, you will definitely get them. As soon as you cross half of the year, love life will start blooming. Married couples will feel an elevation in their feelings. Love of Radha-Krishna will once again be seen among all of us.

Married ones, if wishing for a baby, Almighty is all set to grant your wish.

Looks like all the Arian businessmen are spending more to expand their business.

But you know what… something brilliant can be created with just one good plan.

You will get support of elders. Wealth will shower on you. Lord Saturn is placed in your eighth house and Rahu is in sixth house. Looks like it is the high time to keep a hawk eye over family matters as well as health. Lord Ketu is giving this indication from the twelfth house that sometimes it is better to take advice rather than being into troubles and going crazy.

Students are advised to keep up the hard work. This is the only way to get success.

And if you want to get rid of all the possible troubles of life, keep a square piece of silver with you.

This was all I had for Arians. Let’s now talk about the next sign of the zodiac, Taurus.

Taurians, looks like Lord Jupiter is quite happy with you this year. His blessings will not only get you right direction, but also the right result, along with name, fame and success. Though it looks like the position of Saturn in your seventh house may bring some hurdles in income - along with the lack of understanding in personal life, yet you will be successful in becoming winner after overcoming all the hindrances.

If we talk about love life, position of Rahu in fifth is indicating that loyalty and truthfulness is the required ingredient.

If we talk about money, wealth, assets, etc… the year seems really good. However, you may have to spend a little on your washing machine or fridge.

Taurean students may have to face some unexpected results. To eliminate your troubles, start offering your service to a black cow.

Now, let’s move on to our next zodiac sign, Gemini.

Geminis, this year has got a treasure box full of bliss. If you are trying to do something special for your loved ones, your efforts will come out with flying colors.

Wealth and glory, both are in your destiny.

Along with this, you will have to spend less on medical prescriptions.

Even in the case of an old health disorder, you will see improvement.

Almost the entire year seems wonderful for love matters too.

If you are working for an organization and planning to change, chances of a beautiful upturn are there.

Businessmen may have to put a little more extra efforts, but you should always remember that hard work pays well. So, don’t be afraid of working hard.

Students will also get good results. I would suggest you to serve little girls to get relief from the malefic effects of afflicted planets. Now, let’s talk about our next zodiac sign, Cancer.

Cancerians, 2015 looks quite amazing in many matters. If you are of marriageable age, wedding bells may ring this year. Or, a wedding ceremony may take place at your home. You need to be a little patient in the matters of love. Insisting your love partner for anything may disturb the balance of your love life. This year also seems to be favoring you in work related matters. Promotion is also seen. You may have to go on some work related journeys. Among which, some may actually go in vain. But, don’t you think, a journey is always fun, doesn’t matter if it comes out with something productive or not?

If we look at your finances, looks like you are going to have plenty of wealth to survive like a King or a Queen.

However, if you invested it along with a blindfold, it may cost you a huge sum of loss. On the other hand, health may go through some ups and downs. For students, this year looks favorable. If you ask for a remedy to difficult situations, I would suggest you to donate almonds in the temple.

Now let’s talk about Lions.

All the folks under Leo sign, this year is going to give you mixed results. With the start of this New Year in 2015, planet Jupiter is positioned in your twelfth house, and Saturn is in your fourth house.

Hence, you may have to face some adventure in life.

In this time, you may get a little upset due to the change in the behavior of some of your loved ones.

However, second half of the year is coming with ecstasy. All your troubles of life will gradually wane away. You will again have your rule over all the situations due to your exclusive strategies. Contributing your service to spirituality or religion will give you a feeling of contentment.

If you ask me an advice for your tough times, I would suggest you to feed a cow with a mixture of rice and milk. Let’s now see what our next sign Virgo has got in stock.

Virgos, position of Jupiter in your first house is showing that you may get various types of benefits in the first half of the year. Family and relatives will also be delighted, but seeing the position of Rahu in your first house, looks like you need to be extra cautious for health. But don’t worry, Krishna will take care.

Love, marriage or children, first half of the year is just wonderful. This time is amazing for work too. On the other hand, second half of the year requires extra care. Expenditure may increase and your health might need some attention..

All in all, you need to lead a disciplined life quite intelligently. For difficult times, I would suggest you to pour water on a Peepal tree, everyday. Now let’s see how our next sign Libra will fare.

For Librans, generally, the year will be good.

If we look at your familial life, some minor discords are possible due to Saturn’s effect. However, overall, harmony will prevail at home. Even from the health front, this year seems good.

If you are in a mood to purchase a car or new home, you need to come out of the dilemmatic situation.

Second half of the year seems to be bringing bliss to your love life along with the fragrance of roses.

This year, you may also invest in your work.

Promotion can be seen in your fate box.

Chances of benefits also look strong.

But, your expenditures might go very high due to the position of Saturn in your second house. Students will get positive results.

As a remedy to tough times, I would suggest you to apply saffron Tilak on your forehead. Let’s now talk about our next zodiac sign, Scorpio.

Most of the planets seem to be taking your side this year.

Only the position of Saturn may bring some hindrances in between. Still, harmony will prevail at home.

Year 2015 is quite positive for the matters of love. But, due to the effects of the Saturn of first house, married life may have to face some tiffs.

Additionally, this situation may give some health related troubles too.

Time is also good for work. There are good chances of betterment even in financial matters. Whereas, students may get better results after some hard work.

Second half of the year will be exclusively nice for the students of business studies.

As a remedy to tough times, offer your service to the monkeys and avoid the consumption of non-vegetarian food as well as alcohol. Now, let’s see what our next zodiac sign Sagittarius has got in stock.

Sagittarians, Jupiter is in the eighth house at the beginning of the year 2015, which is not positive. Over that, Saturn is in twelfth house. Hence, there might be some troubles in the financial matters. And you must be knowing about the consequences of a disturbed financial situation. So, you will have to work harder to fetch out better results.

You may also feel the change in the behavior of family members. A feeling of insecurity may arise in mind, which will also affect your health. Love relations may also not be satisfactory. However, in the second half of the year, your wishes will start coming true.

All the happiness of this world will start coming to you gradually. Income will increase and students will also get good results.

As a remedy to tough times, donate Ghee and potato in a temple. Let’s now investigate the fate box of our next zodiac sign, Capricorn.

First half of the year will be quite favorable for you. Your brilliant plannings will keep on making you successful.

Even at home, everything will be blissful. Positivity will prevail at work.

Financial situation will also stay satisfactory.

If you have reached marriageable age, the first half of the year might give you a helping hand to ring the wedding bells.

Students will also be happy on their success. But, the second half of the year seems to be making your life a little bit difficult. During this time, Jupiter is in eighth house.

As a result, some things may seem to be going far due to the financial troubles. Therefore, you will have to be very cautious in each matter.

Additionally, it would be better if you can invest very carefully.

As a remedy to difficult times, in every four months, flow 6 coconuts with husk in running water. Now, let’s talk about our next zodiac sign, Aquarians.

Aquarians, year 2015 may give you mixed results.

In the first half of the year, you may have to face breach in your relationship with your loved ones. The reason might be your harsh tone. So, try to be polite as much as possible.

You may stay stressed due to the health of a family member.

If we talk about your health, it looks fine. You need to be a little cautious, may get stuck in lawsuit. But, in the second half of the year, love relations will get better. Marital life will be happy. We would have never known the glory of love without Radha-Krishna.

At work, promotion is seen. Income and education will also get better. As a remedy to tough times, offer yellow clothes to a priest. Let’s now talk about our last zodiac sign, Pisces.

Pisceans, this year is going to begin quite amazingly. An auspicious event may be planned at home. However, the behavior of some family members might hurt you.

Seeing the position of Ketu over ascendant, you will have to take special care of your health.

Especially, you will have to take special care of your eating habits.

Drive very carefully.

On the other hand, time looks beautiful for love matters, but the position of Rahu in seventh looks a little less auspicious for married life.

Therefore, there will always be a need of love and faith in your relationship.

You may get a better job, but responsibilities may increase.

There are good chances of increment in benefits.

Time will be positive for education, but some troubles may arise in the second half of the year.

As a remedy to tough times, donate rice, jaggery and grams in a temple.

This is all Krishna’s grace that you are there and I am here predicting your future. I hope you will make the best out of your time invested watching me. If you found these predictions useful, please like and share. Also, don’t forget to subscribe AstroSage TV for more amazing stuff. We, the astrologers of AstroSage, put our best efforts in helping you carve out a beautiful life. So, here I end with the predictions of 12 zodiac signs. I will come again with some more useful stuff. Till then, take good care of yourself. Have a great time ahead. Hare Krishna!

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