Constellation (Nakshatra) : 2 Minute Astrology Tutorial

Namaste. Zodiac Sign or Rashi is one of the divisions in astrology but there are many other divisions as well. If you have to predict fine, look for finer divisions. One such finer division is Nakshatra. The way sign is twelfth division of zodiac, similarly Naksahtra is 27th division of zodiac. Nakshatra is also called constellation or star sometimes, but I prefer using term Nakshatra. As Zodiac is considered of 360 degree, so each nakshatra is 360 / 27 i.e. 13 degree 20 minutes or roughly 13.33 degrees. Like zodiac sign, each Nakshatra also has been given a name. First nakshatra is called Ashwini, second Bharani and last Revati. Like zodiac sign, lord or owner planet for each Nakshatra is also fixed. Sequence of Nakshatra lord is as follows - Ketu, Venus, Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury. As Ashwini is first Nakshatra, it's lord is Ketu. Bharani is second Nakshatra and it's lord is Venus and so on. Nakshatra lord planet repeats after every ninth nakshatra. In other words, 1st nakshatra lord, 10th nakshatra lord and 19th naksahtra lord are always same. Similarly 2nd, 11th and 20th.

Nakshatra division is very important in astrology. In astrology dasa or planetary cycle is primarily calculated based on nakshtra. Dasa is used to figure out timing of events and I'll talk about that later. In a nutshell, planet borrows signification of its nakshatra lord. Astrologers generally forget to see nakshatra because we can not see nakshatra from birth chart alone and hence fail in predictions. Planet in its dasa period not only gives its results but the results of its nakshatra lord as well. So, never forget to note nakshatra lord of each planet before proceeding to predictions. This is all for today. Namaste.

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