Cancellation of Rajayoga: 2 Minute Astrology Tutorial

Namsakar. Welcome to 2 minute astrology tutorial series by AstroSage. I have often seen astrologers saying that Rajyogas are useless, Rajyogas do not give any results. They show some charts where Rajyoga like Gaja Kesari & Mahapurusha Yoga were present still native is leading ordinary life. This happens to astrologer because of lack of understanding of principles of Rajyoga Cancellation. Today I am telling you principles of Rajyoga Cancellation which I understood after years of my experience and study. I am sharing this experience with you, it is very important, so listen carefully.

The primary reason of rajyoga cancellation is lack of strength in the planet forming rajyoga. Earlier I explained 15 principles that you can use to judge strength of a planet. Apart from those 15 principles, I am also telling you five reasons due to which one doesn't get rajyoga results.

First, depositor. If the lord of the sign where rajyoga forming planet is place is weak, we can not expect any rajyoga results.

Second, aspects. If Rajyoga forming planet is receiving aspects from natural malefics like Mars and Saturn.

Third junction point or Sandhi. Sandhi is a term used in Vedic astrology for the point where one sign ends and other starts. If this Sandhi is for both sign and nakshatra it has even more rajyoga cancellation effect. By nakshatra sandhi I mean a planet is close to 120 degree, 240 degree or 360 degree where both sign and nakshatra have junction point.

Fourth is Navamsa strength. If a planet is weak in Navamsa especially if a planet is debilitated in Navamsa, results of Rajyoga will be nullified.

Fifth, strength of the whole chart. I have already talked about it in the episode titled "Yogas for Success & Prosperity". In a nutshell, if Ascendant and Moon are weak, no rajyoga will be able to deliver its results.

Hope you have learnt many secrets of astrology with our "2 minute astrology tutorial".

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