Astrology Tutorial: Part 2 is now available

Future is uncertain and no one can predict what is going to happen next in our life. When we are swimming upstream, we immediately want to find some solutions regarding our problems. However, in today’s scenario, the multitude of the choices in the various dimensions of life make us confused and we end up choosing one which is not supposed to give us fruitful results.

Some people, having fallen into the problems of life, like to get shelter in astrology which can be a help in different problems. To find an expert astrologers is indeed a tough job. It is an ancient tool which can help in curbing the problems by way of astrological remedies. It is a general opinion that to learn astrology is indeed a tough job to do. However we disagree on it.

Having spent so much on fake astrologers, its time to learn astrology at your ease to know about your life yourself. Yes you have heard it right ! why to give your hard earned money to a stranger who claims to foresee your future when you can do it on your own ?

We at are delighted to bring you yet another video named lesson no. 2 about Planetary lordships which gives you an understanding of all the zodiac signs and the planets which own these zodiac signs. By going through our video Astrology Lesson #2: Planetary Lordship you will start learning the technical things involved in astrology. The renowned Vedic astrologer Punit Pandey is carrying this uphill task to make learning astrology easy , using his years of extensive research in the subject. In this lesson you will get detailed explanation as to why ownership of the zodiac signs by a planet play an important role in astrology. We are sure that almost each of you might be inquisitive to learn some basic things in astrology one or the other day. Hence, these people will satiate themselves for sure, if they go through our video. As you know that in lesson 1 you got an understanding of the planets and the signs which play a pivotal role in astrology. So, the second video is a logical continuation of the first one.

These are your initial steps towards the knowledge of astrology and we are sure when you go through our lessons, you will come out possessing a deep understanding of the subject and use it to make positive changes in your life and that of your near dear ones .

So, why wait ? just go on learning astrology through our astrology tutorial which will give you a deeper insights about yourself and let us know by your befitting suggestions what else is there we can add to enhance your knowledge in astrology. Though there are a number of websites which give you a great deal of knowledge regarding- learning astrology, but it will take a lot of time to learn just by reading. Our astrology tutorials , on the other hand gives you an instant understanding of astrology in its truest sense and in a speedy way. Many more videos are on the way for you to learn astrological facts. So, Why should you use bullock carts, when you can fly. Hence, here’s a word, just try it !

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